Don’t push the buttons, Harry Hamster – kids picture book

Don’t push the buttons: a picture book for kids, ages 2 – 7. A great story to read for them, or to have it read to them.

“If you’re good today, I’ll take you to go look at the rocket,” says Dad.
“The rocket!” shouts Harry Hamster. “The rocket that’ll go to the moon! Wheeeeeee!”
“Only if you’re a good boy,” Dad says. “So don’t wander off. Don’t climb on anything. Don’t touch anything. Don’t talk to hamsters you don’t know. And above all, do NOT push ANY buttons.”

Harry is going to the spaceport. There is just one condition: he is not allowed to touch any buttons. That’s not easy for a hamster who loves buttons…

– an exciting, good-humoured, interactive picture book with games and sound effects
– push the buttons and mess things up!
– read yourself, or have the book read to you in English, Dutch, Frysk or Indonesian

Text: Corien Oranje, author of over 40 children’s books
Illustrations: Willeke Brouwer, cartoonist and illustrator

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