Dive Buddy Pro

Dive Buddy Pro is the Swiss army knife of scuba diving utilities for the iPad. As at August 2010, it is the only Electronic Dive Log written and optimised for the iPad. iPhone users check out Dive Log Pro – iPhone Edition. You can transfer your electronic dive logs between iPhone and iPad editions.

Written by a Master Scuba Diver Trainer, its made for to be easy to use.

If you liked iDive Nitrox and iScuba RDP, you’ll love Dive Buddy Pro. In addition to the same easy to use Nitrox Calulator, Dive Buddy also includes:

+ Recreational Dive Planner with Nitrox (Compatible with PADI eRDP and RDP and EAN EAD tables).
+ Dive Log with automatic recreational air and EANx calculations.
+ Dive Site database with GPS and map support.
+ Metric and US units.
+ Nitrox Maximum operating depth calculations.
+ Nitrox Best blend calculator for any given depth.

Please note that whilst this product is designed to be compatible with the PADI RDP and eRDP there may be some some differences due to rounding. For example using PADI metric RDP/eRDP a dive to 10m/33ft has NDL of 219mins, using PADI Imperial/US RDP/eRDP the same dive has NDL of 205 minutes.

This is great tool for any diver, especially of you’re Divemaster, Instructor Candidate, or an Instructor.

Buy the iPad version for $16.99 here, or get the iPhone version here for $7.99
There is also a standard version for iPhone available for only $1.99, get it here.