A zoo in your pocket:
CritterChitter is an interactive children’s book for iPhone and iPod Touch that you can carry with you wherever you go – in the car, on vacation or at home on the couch. Children will get to know 20 different animals and the sounds they make in a playful manner.

For the little ones:
CritterChitter opens up a world of entertainment for young kids and their parents. From the moment children learn their first words and start naming the world around them, CritterChitter will keep them captivated for hours on end!

Two different modes:
There are two ways in which children can play CritterChitter. In the first mode they’ll learn the different animals and the sounds they make. In the second mode kids are encouraged to recognise the animals!

The animals speak out:
CritterChitter contains twenty funny animals in bright colours, each with its own recognisable sound – from the clucking chicken to a roaring lion and from cute to a little scary. CritterChitter is an English app. The Dutch version of this game is called KoeDoetBoe.

Free for a limited time, get it here!