Code Reader Pro

Code Reader Pro Features

1. Realtime continuous scanning
Multiple codes can be scanned in realtime without taking a photograph. Large numbers of barcodes and QR codes can be read continuously.

2. Automatic Identification of Scanned Contents
Identifies scanned contents and automatically displays the next action to take. Supports Amazon searches, address book registry, mail, maps, telephone calls, SMS, and browsed web pages. For web browsing, it loads the internal browser and can be connected so several more browser apps as well. Plug-ins are scheduled to be added gradually.

3. Linking and Ordered Linking of Scan Contents
Multiple scanned contents can be freely linked or linked in order. Linked contents can be copied and sent by mail. (Does not support ordered recognition of linked QR code scans by pomera[Note 2], etc.)

4. Automatic Forwarding of Scan Results via MacOSX Specialized App
CodeServer (http://Code Reader, a MacOSX app for linking to Code Reader Pro, is available free of charge. By using Code Reader Pro while CodeServer is running, results for each scan will be automatically forwarded to your MacOSX.

5. Sophisticated Design
Since this application is used regularly, everything from the icon on up has been developed to be stylish and comfortable to use.

6. Scan Result Log Management
Scan contents are sorted by date and displayed in an easy-to-understand manner. Also, unnecessary results can be deleted from the log.

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