Burger Tower

Discover how great of a burger chef you are in this great adventure Cookie’s Burger Tower!

Cookie’s Burger Tower is cute game that the whole family can share! Help the sheep, Cookie, stack creative ingredients on your burger to high heaven or even another dimension.

Add burger patties, cheese, whole turkeys, whole rotisserie pigs (apple in mouth included!!), onions, spicy chile peppers, and other sweet surprises! Stack the same ingredient twice in a row for bonus points! Avoid burnt buns and the top halves of buns landing on your burger. This will complete your burger and the game.

Once you’ve stacked enough ingredients on your burger the bar located at the bottom of the screen will become full. Swipe your finger in any direction to activate FEVER MODE!!! Once in fever mode all ingredients are worth twice the amount of points! Fever mode ends when the bottom bar is empty or when the top half of the bun lands on you burger, there is no penalty for the top half of the bun landing on your burger. You may simply continue making the perfect burger.

When the burger is complete the mighty Sheepy-Sheepu will be the judge of your culinary greatness and grant you your prize! Be sure to share Sheepy-Sheepu’s verdict with your friends on Facebook and Twitter! You can enjoy this game over and over again discover how many different categories of burger you may create!

Bon appetite! Free for a limited time, get it now!