Bo’s Birthday Party

It’s time to celebrate Bo’s Birthday Party! With 6 creative and fun works to create, design, sing, make, decorate and play!

Create invitations, decorate a cake, make a bunting banner, design a crown, record a song or fill a piñata! And celebrate with Bo the Giraffe his birthday party!

Mix, match and adjust colors, prints, fabric, letters, numbers and decorations! Record a song or fill the piñata and smash it with or without the blindfold!

Bo’s Birthday Party offers you again and again the opportunity to enjoy the most fun party of the year; the birthday party! It offers a great way of playing with colors, patterns, letters and numbers and stimulates your creativity. Thanks to simple multi-touch gestures, it’s easy to move, rotate or adjust all decoration elements or even hit the piñata!

Would you like to duplicate your beautiful invitation, bunting banner, cake or crown on real paper? Have a look at and click on “Crafts works”!

Recommended age: 2 – 10 year and we recommend for all Bo Apps, that parents and children play the App the first time together.

* 6 creative and fun works to create a great birthday party
* 100 different decorations, numbers, letters and fabric patterns to choose from
* Numerous creative possibilities by mixing, matching, rotating or adjusting
* Built-in record and play option for your own birthday song
* Put on the blindfold and hit the piñata
* Easy-to-use, child-friendly interface
* No time pressure or rules, just be creative
* Fun music and sounds

As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the
Know what’s inside best practices for kids’ apps

* PRIVACY DISCLOSURE “Bo’s Birthday Party”
X Does not collect or share any personal data
X Does not contain any ads
X The “Press 3 Seconds” pop-up in the start screen opens a overview of all our other apps in the App Store
X Does not contain In App Purchases
X Does not contain Social Network Integration

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Heppi wants to offer children the possibility to discover and experience the daily routines that surround them everyday.

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