Boowie! The strong warrior

Boowie! The strong warrior is here! Get it for free!
A shoot’em up in 2D with deeply polished graphics where you fight dozens of simultaneous enemies.

Be the one!

In this adventure, the player controls Boowie, the warrior of Weezies people, the only one of its kind to be able to defeat hordes of Darkness enemies: The Boozas. Boowie has evolved and acquired his extraordinary strength after awkwardly swallowed a Booza, becoming the hero overpowered of his people.

A crossed genre experience

Boowie! The strong warrior gives the player a gameplay mix that associates ranged attacks and continuous waves of enemies, inspired by shoot’em up games, and melee impacts that feel like a beat’em all. This fusion offers the player the freedom to overcome the furious challenges in his own way.

An explosive shoot’em up.

The goal for the player is to face all enemies, to dodge their attacks and to free his people. With the help of four long ranged weapon evolutions, a devastating punch and a special exterminator power, he will destruct the dark monsters.