BlueTooth Mania

BlueTooth Mania is the greatest arrangement of the best Bluetooth utility applications for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

It features:
* Walkie Talkie
The most attractive attribute of this application helps you to:
– Turn your device into a walkie talkie very easily.
– Talk with your friends for unlimited time within the Bluetooth coverage.
– Hold the conversation when you need.

* Photo share
This option gives you the opportunity to:
– Share unlimited Photos/Images with your friend’s device
– Receive any Photos/Images from others.
– Save Photos/Images into photo album.

The most entertaining option makes you easy to:
– Become funny and Prankster with your friends!
– Astonish your friends with various funny fart sounds.
– Make him victim by selecting the funny fart sound which he/she will listen in their own device!

* Easy Chat
By selecting another best option of this application, you can:
– Chat very easily with friends from your devices
– Use emoji in your chatting.
– Send or receive images also with chatting functions.

Contact Share
Get in touch with your friends by choosing Contact Share option. You can also:
– Share any contact from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone instantly.
– Save it to your contact list.

Get it here, it’s completely free!