Bejeweled® 2

A grid of 8×8 squares is populated by various shaped and coloured jewels. Each jewel can swap places with any other gem immediately above, below or to either side. When a row of three identical jewels is aligned, they disappear and the crystals above cascade down to fill the gap.

Aligning four gems creates a Power Gem, which explodes when eliminated and takes the surrounding jewels with it. The maximum number of jewels that can be aligned in one move is five, which results in a Hyper Cube: a powerful little fella that removes all the gems identical to the one you exchange it with.

Those already familiar with Bejeweled 2 will be pleased to know the game’s refined formula hasn’t been tampered with, simply optimised for finger control and given a bit of spit and polish to make the gems really glisten on the iPhone’s beautiful screen.

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