BatteryLogger Pro

BatteryLogger Pro is not one of those ‘How long will your battery last when playing video’ or ‘Huge charging battery in front of a waving american flag’ apps. There are other apps for that.

BatteryLogger Pro does one thing, and does it right. It will log your battery level while you’re using your device* as you normally do, and display it back to you in an intuitive way.

Feels like your battery lasts only two hours? Now you can look back and know for sure! Time to replace your old battery? Or even for an external battery pack? BatteryLogger Pro shows you exactly how long your battery lasts you, for your unique usage pattern.

Stats Nerd? So am I. Use this cool new graph technology to swipe, pinch, and swoosh through your data from less than an hour to more than a year in mere seconds. Tap one or more data points to get detailed insights, or use the statistics screen to view battery charge cycles, time spend charging or draining, average time for a full charge, average time for a full drain, and used watts.

In love with your shiny new iDevice? Show some love back and install the software now for a complete history of your device usage, and an accurate battery charge cycle count. If you run into problems later, you can e-mail your complete battery history to the experts.

Free for a limited time, get it here!