The Mermaid’s Shoes

This interactive picturebook takes you along on Ida’s journey through the city, looking for the perfect place for her to be a mermaid.

On the last day of her holiday Ida says good-bye to the sea. She looks for shells to take
home. What’s that, lying in the sand?
Mermaid’s shoes she thinks.
When she puts them on her feet she knows for sure, she is a mermaid!

Enjoy wonderfull hand drawn scenes, music and ambient sound, have the story read or read it yourself.
Discover what you can set in motion, play the game, be a mermaid and create your own world under the waves.

After Sanne te Loo’s book ‘The mermaid shoes’.

With the possibility to expand the game with more mermaids extra’s!

Download it here it is (now) free!