Talking Forg Boy HD

A forg with a tail, it is strange? it is said that he is a cat in forg’s clothing, god knows!

But he is a fun and interactive character for your iPad.

You can tickle him, poke him, hit him, You can even record your own voice ,and he will repeat everything you say, you also can share them on Twitter, Facebook or send them to your friends and family by email.

Let’s do as I said:

Stick his left eye, he will make a wry face to you, stick his right eye, he will gave you a glad eye. tap his mouth, he will gave a satanic smile. touch his body, he will jump for a while. kick his head, he feels bad, and continuous kick for 3 times, he will threw himself face forward onto the floor, swipe the screen from top to bottom, he will feel hurgry, you can feed him fly!

There are 5 extra animations below the screen, that is, bark like dog, kiss you, catch the fly, jump, threw a stone at him,
and you can even change the background colour, red, yellow or blue, just tap the colour key, you can be whichever you want.

Free for a limited time, get it now!