Susan & Luke: On Vacation

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–This iPad app is developed by speech therapists.–
The twins Susan and Luke take you through the theme “Summer” and “Vacation”.

“Hide and Seek” is a challenging game. In different attractive illustrations, animals or other items are hidden. Can you find them?

If you choose to play “Say it & Play it”, you may choose an illustration. At the top of the illustration, you see all images. These images can be dragged. Now you can give kids assignments. Commands you can give are for example:

“Give the icecream to Susan”
“Put the cap on Luke”
“Give Susan a flower”

The App is suitable for children aged about 2 years old, but older kids will have a lot of fun too!
With this app you can also stimulate the speech and language development of a child. Talk about the images, give each other assignments and let them tell you where the things are hid. This way you practice the vocabulary, understanding language and prepositions like “on, under, behind and before”.

Through the passport you can create a personal profile, including a photograph and a fingerprint. The passport can also keep track of the parts you’ve already completed and the corresponding result.

“On Vacation” playfully stimulates speech and language for a broad audience with a wide variety of goals and opportunities!

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