Practice Math with Robin and Dob

** Practice Math with Robin and Dob is free today in collaboration with the AppEvent! Download the free AppEvent-app or visit www.appevent.com for more free apps! **

Master addition and subtraction with math whizzes Robin and Dob.

• Developed by a Math Ph.D student for his own kids.
• Designed to provide kids the foundation they need for more advanced math.
• Guaranteed to be fun and effective.
• Includes a cool diploma to share with family and friends!

Special features:

• 10 levels for addition & bonus challenges.
• 10 levels for subtraction & bonus challenges.
• Unique, interactive tools.
• Automatic progress tracking for up to 4 customizable profiles.

“My daughter always thought math was boring until we came across Robin and Dob. Now she smiles while she’s practicing her addition and subtraction.” — Marlis Zimmerman, Appracadabra

Download it here it is (now) free!