Picturebook: The Cat that wouldn’t move

A complete package of interactive storytelling, this is a beautiful book featuring illustrations that contain a great many things to discover and humorous rhyming text. Watch and listen what happens, and tap the highlighted figures to see and hear even more! ‘De Kat die niet van de bank af wilde’ is written and illustrated by Iris Boter and produced by Orange Books.

Ed and Liesje’s cat is always on the couch and never wants to get off. No matter how much Ed and Liesje beg or plead, no matter what they try, the cat ignores them entirely. At the end of his rope, Ed finally decides to buy a new couch. He takes the old one to the thrift store, cat and all. But soon it becomes apparent that the atmosphere of the house has greatly declined without a cat around. They want him back!

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