Picross HD

Picross HD (also commonly known as Nonograms, Griddlers or Paint by Numbers) is a logic puzzle in which squares in a grid are filled in to match numeric clues that appear beside the grid.  Completion of the puzzle results in a satisfying picture formed by the filled squares.

1. Each set of numeric clue describes a recipe for filling squares in a row or column of the grid.
2. Each number in a recipe represents a string of continuous, filled-in squares.
3. Between each string there is at least one empty square.
4. Row clues are to the left of the grid, column clues are above.  Satisfy all row and column clues and you’ve solved the puzzle.

Trust us, it’s much harder to describe in words then it is too play, give it a try.

Picross HD contains 42 puzzles and we have plans to release additional puzzle packs in the very near future.  We hope that you thoroughly enjoy this puzzle and we’re eager to hear from you.  If you have issues or suggestions to improve Picross HD please let us know – you feedback is much appreciated.

We also very much appreciate your positive customer ratings and reviews.

Picross HD tracks and reports on anonymous activity using google analytics so that we can keep making improvements.

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