In this fast-paced strategic action game designed specifically for the iPad, you and a friend sitting next to you each control an island shore with a set of creatures called Ogs. Drop them in the water with a single tap of your finger, then hope they’ll reach the opposing shore of your friend, and make use of each of the Ogs’ different skills like shooting, blocking, ring-making or flying. Just don’t let your own shore be undefended, as your opponent will try to conquer your island at the same time!

This game needs two players, but only one iPad. iPad.net writes: “Ogs is a Two Player Treat … Since you are playing a real opponent, game play achieves that certain level of unpredictability that is impossible to generate using a software programme … Ogs becomes very addictive very quickly, especially when your opponent has trounced you a few times. You always want to get in a rematch to even up the scores … A great game”. (Here’s the YouTube video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=W7TJRfZYpy4&at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawp) Play this at home, in a coffee shop, a bar, on a train or boat, with friends, family or complete strangers… the world of Ogs will never be the same again.

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