Modern Pong Full

Modern Pong (full version) takes the original idea and brings it to the now and here! Still you need to simply score by getting the ball past your opponent, but you will battle it out (in full version) in 2 completely styled en various arena’s to start with, collect power ups to create chaos and you will not need to do it all alone. Modern Pong Full allows you to play multiplayer 1 vs 1 mode.

For less then 1 dollar you will own all the content and be able to play for months by yourself and against friends , colleges, family or just a stranger on the bus. Easy to pick up for 5 minutes on the go, or to play over and over again. The light version will give you a taste of the Light version features: – 1 styled arena – Unlimited solo play – Listen to your music while playing

Get it here, free for a limited time!