Mini-U: ZOO Dutch Alfabet

ZOO Alphabet – the ONLY app your baby needs to learn Dutch alphabet!
You’ve probably seen many alphabet apps, but we are confident that you’ve never seen anything like Zoo Alphabet.

Inside the app you’ll find more than 40 game cards, each illustrated with an animal and a letter. But this ZOO is not like any other – our ZOO is full of diversity! Besides the beloved giraffes and zebras, ZOO Alphabet also introduces your baby to the emu, Komodo dragon, jellyfish, newt, and ladybug to name just a few.

Each screen contains its own unique animal game, with each animal representing a letter. ZOO Alphabet invites your child to play along with these animals as they run, jump, hide, play, hunt, and even change color. The best surprise is that the ZOO Alphabet keeps on giving – 15 new characters will be available for free in upcoming releases!

ZOO Alphabet features two modes of play. Children can practice and learn the letters in the study mode or take a quiz in the quiz mode. Quiz mode provides your child with immediate feedback – helping him or her correctly memorize the letters.

ZOO Alphabet includes:
– funny, bright, creative pictures
– 40 animal picture letters of the alphabet (and 15 more free in additional releases)
– narrated letters (classic and phonic style) and animal names
– mini-games or a funny animation in each card
– quiz game to test baby’s knowledge of the alphabet
– native Dutch women speaker

Welcome to our ZOO!

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