Kingpin Pinball

Become the Kingpin of Pinball in this fast action 2D comic book style pinball game. The game makes use of the iPad’s large screen space with a static view of the table so there’s never a confusing panning or zoomed in view of the ball. And for realism, we’ve included dozens of professionally recorded audio from actual pinball tables. You’ll feel like you own a real pinball table on your iPad.

There are 8 challenging achievements, with custom animations and sounds when you unlock each. Get a high score of 2 million points and you’ll unlock a slick black table design. If you’re skilled or lucky enough to unlock all 8 achievements in a single game, you’ll unlock a bonus red table style (something the development team hasn’t even done yet, but we keep trying!).

The physics are incredibly realistic and the gameplay is super fast for both iPad 1 and 2!

Free for a limited time, get it here!