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Best Children’s Game 2012 – German Developer Award

Experience a world of fantasy that will enchant you over and over again. In Karl’s Castle you will discover knights, princesses and well-known characters from fairy tales. An interactive world of hidden objects for young and old.

Developed for children age two and older.

Number 1 books in Germany, Austria, Switzerland

### Special features: ###
– Over 70 interactions and more than 50 characters.
– Captivating, hand- drawn illustrations.
– Intuitive, child-friendly navigation.
– 3 great mini-games.
– Multi-touch capability: recognition of several fingers simultaneously.
– High quality animations and humorous sounds.

### Description: ###

Karl’s Castle is an interactive picture book for children. By zooming, swiping and pressing a new world is revealed that is full of little experiences. You will meet many amusing creatures, animals and well-known fairytale characters. You can watch as Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the prince’s kiss, the Frog Prince saves the princess’ golden ball from the well, or help the Pied Piper bring back his runaway rats.

### We look forward to your feedback. ###

We are eager to continue to develop our app. Please email us comments and suggestions at [email protected]

High resolution for the new iPad (Retina). Optimized for iPad 2 and the new iPad (3rd generation).

Also available for iPhone/iPod touch as “Karl’s Castle”

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