iDesserts for iPad : 100 recipes from our childhood

Translation in english in progress… The app is only available in french at the moment.

You want good dessert easy to achieve? Enjoy homemade desserts that your mom or your grandma prepared when you were little! And with everyday ingredients, easy to find!

Ah … desserts from our childhood! Only good memories of smells and flavors haunting unforgettable! The days when we waited impatiently for the famous bowl of cake batter to lick …

Why not try to make these tasty recipes by yourself, for our loved ones or to get compliments from guests?

Everyone knows that to make a cake requires eggs … but we also need flour, sugar, butter or oil … With these basic materials can be varied endlessly delicious desserts by adding milk, chocolate, yogurt, fresh fruit or dried … without a certificate of pastry!

By making himself his desserts, you can save 80% of the price you pay when buying a cake from a pastry chef!

These recipes were all tested, they are easy to perform even for novices who pastry desserts fun to play authentic “homemade” to have fun and make others happy!

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