I Wonder – Kids’ Book

A book published by Kite Editions becomes an extraordinary application for iPad! A captivating and simple story, written by Marinella Barigazzi with Ursula Bucher’s wonderful illustrations, original music, entertaining animations and sounds.

“Marco looks at the world from the window of a train. The scenes slide in front of him, provoking the curiosity inborn in the mind of the children. A travel in the travel, a poetry that goes straight to the heart and makes it beat fast.”

Marco gets on the train, and page after page he discovers a world behind the window. As the pages of the app turn and the landscape passes by, Marco thinks and daydreams on the nature and the animals that live beyond the pane, and you too can discover and think along with him, and play with the objects of its reflections and the landscape that slides in front of Marco, in front of your eyes and under your fingers.

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