Home Inventory Manager HD

If you were to step outside your home, could you list all the items you own? Even if you could list everything, would you be able to provide detailed information—including the purchase date, cost, model, and serial number—on the contents of your home?

Home Inventory Manager can help you with this. Add high resolution photos of the items synchronized through iTunes, receipts or important documents. Create a PDF to store the information away from your home, such as a safe deposit box.

A home inventory ensures that you are sufficiently prepared, in terms of an insurance coverage, to deal with potential losses. A detailed list of all the items destroyed, damaged, or stolen is required for an insurance claim. Proper documentation ensures a faster and smoother claims process, as well as maximizing your insurance reimbursement.

With the new possibility to add custom categories the potential increase even more. Maybe you collect whiskey, or even exclusive wine. Or use the application for your stamp collection.

Use the application inside your company to create a record of your possessions. Keep track of computers, printers, tools and other assets.

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