The match and memory game designed to make mathematics appear much more entertaining to the young (and to the grown-ups) than they ever would have thought. Thanks to HippopoMath children will learn how to count while playing. They will also be able to review addition, subtraction and even multiplication basics without getting bored. HippopoMath is also suited to you if your memory is fading or you are a lifelong mathematic allergic.

Welcomed and guided by unruly Professor Hippopo you will have a choice of four different levels adapted to the knowledge of your child:
1. BabyHippo level: a standard match memory game.
2. LittleHippo level: aimed overall at toddlers learning how to count (but nothing should stop the older ones to check their knowledge and test their memory!) this level will require them to pair a square containing a quantity of objects (between 1 and 10) with the corresponding figure in another square.
3. MidHippo level: 2+2= ?, you will need to know the answer to be able to pair your squares at this level. Squares containing a quantity of objects (between 1 and 10) are to be paired with basic additions.
4. ClassyHippo level: this level will require you to perform additions and subtractions in a square before pairing it with another square containing a number of objects (between 1 and 10).
5. GeniusHippo level: if the previous levels were too easy for you, this one is for you. This time you will need not only to know how to add and subtract but also to multiply and this with numbers of up to one hundred.

Finally, if you have doubts about your knowledge, cannot remember how much 2+2 make or do not know how to count with your fingers, Professor Hippopo offers you his little classes. You will find in them addition and multiplication tables together with a “how to count with your fingers” class. You will find also some exercices to test your math skills.

So, count to three and…..have fun!
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