Fodor’s New York City Travel Guide

Fodor’s makes it simple to discover the best of New York City. Find trusted reviews of nearby restaurants, shops, sights, and hotels with the touch of a button. From the foot of the Statue of Liberty to the top of the Empire State Building, we’ve got you covered on all the sights that NYC has to offer!

Fodor’s has guided travelers for 75 years. Backed by a team of more than 700 local writers based around the world, you’ll explore with the most reliable, up-to-date travel intelligence available. With Fodor’s easy-to-use app you can:
• Quickly find expert reviews of restaurants, shops, sights, and hotels, thanks to our multiple sort and search options
• Explore by neighborhood or find what’s nearby with detailed interactive maps
• Jump to the best of the best with our exclusive Fodor’s Choice picks
• Navigate with ease wherever you are (even on the subway) with bonus offline maps. Don’t get caught paying expensive data-roaming charges!
• Keep track of all your favorites with handy bookmarking and field-note tools

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