Fly Control HD

Fly Control is back on iPad with a new happy, sunny, shiny look, new species to play with, new maps, a multiplayer mode and lots of battle items to make your game more exciting. However, the basics of the game remain the same: feed pests while avoiding encounters between them. Crush bugs to turn them into temporary sources of food.

Explore the depths of a cosy little swamp and feed some flies to the carnivorous plants, or play on the porch at night and zap some pests with a cool, but faulty electric fly zapper.

If you played enough with flies, try feeding butterflies and wasps.

Apply refilling battle items in game in both multiplayer and single player modes.
Too many pests are coming? Use the smoking Pest Repellent item!
Too many pests are on screen? Don’t panic, use the Swatter or the Pest Spray!
Everything is too fast for you? Apply the Slow Motion item to make your task easier!
In multiplayer mode you can also apply some curse items to make your opponent’s game more difficult. Try out the super cool Party Set item or the ruthless Cover curse item.

By feeding pests and crushing bugs you can earn coins that can be turned into gems (1000 coins worth a gem). Visit the in game shop to spend your gems on cool, must have items and give a big boost to your game experience. If you want more gems, you can purchase gem packs in the ‘in app purchase’ section of the shop.

Free for a limited time, get it here