Detective NOSE

A cheerful and funny app about a very recognizable topic!

The King has a problem. A big problem! Every evening the same thing happens. Just when it’s time for dessert, somebody in the dining room farts. The King summons NOSE, the best smeller in the country to sniff out the sneaky stinker.

-Look at and experience the animated and interactive picture book. Let farts fly, help Detective NOSE and find out who the sneaky stinker is.
– Do the fart quiz. How much do you know about farts?
– Hear and see the fart song.
– The app is in English and Dutch.

The iPad app Detective NOSE is based on the Dutch picture book Wie heeft die scheet gelaten?, written by Kim Koelewijn and illustrated by Daniëlle Schothorst. You can find more information about this app and the picture book at

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