ComboBook – Strategic Management: Concepts and Tools

Combobook – Strategic Management: Concepts & Skills is not simply a textbook but an interactive educational system that helps users gain all the knowledge needed to develop and implement competitive organizational strategies for their businesses. Download Strategic Management: Concepts & Tools now to begin learning the organizational concepts needed to develop an optimal competitive strategy that is specifically tailored to your unique business environment.

Strategic Management: Concepts & Tools is structured to explain to users the factors involved at every important stage of the competitive organizational strategy creation process. This outline touches on this processes fundamental principles, through its development, and finally to its final implementation. More specifically, this walkthrough outlines to users the importance of applying a careful analysis of organizational environments and dynamics in the creation of an optimal competitive strategy. An overview of various generic business strategies and techniques for analyzing these strategies are also covered.

Because it is released via Combobook, Strategic Management: Concepts & Tools represents a completely user-guided educational resource. The application generates study tests that support users in comprehending in-app text and stimulates efficient knowledge acquisition by allowing the user to focus their study efforts on concepts they deem important. This app also provides users with the freedom to choose specifically which portions of this text Combobook will utilize when creating study and review materials. Furthermore, users are able to decide the format in which these study materials will be generated.

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