Card Ace: Casino HD

Sick of playing blown-up iPhone card games on your iPad? Wondering why everyone seems to have totally missed the point of playing on a tablet? SO WERE WE.

Card Ace: Casino HD uses the iPad’s giant screen to give you the best card-game interface IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE*. There’s no “fold” button – you just muck your cards. There’s no “All-In” button – you just push your chips into the pot. This brand-new tactile interface will completely change the way you play cards online!

Card Ace: Casino HD revolutionizes the social multiplayer card game! Find awesome people to play with or quickly jump into a game with your friends using the brand-new “People Grid”! Combining three of the best social multiplayer games around, Card Ace: Casino HD lets you play Blackjack (21), Texas Hold ‘Em, or Word Ace (Hold ‘Em + Word creation) online, any time, with tens of thousands of other players.

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