Rule of the Game:
1. The player will control the shooting of color bubble from the left arrow. When at least three bubbles of the same color connect in any form, the bubbles will explode and disappear, and the relevant scores are obtained.
2. If the disappearing condition is not met, the bubbles will stick to each other and continue to accumulate into pile. When the bubble pile accumulates to any edge of the screen, the game will be over.
3. There are two types of shooting: one is to click the screen without releasing the finger, and then aim through dragging. When ready, release the finger to shoot the bubble; and the other is to quickly click the position to be shot directly.
4. If the bubble shot does not hit the target, it will fly out of the screen, and 50 points will be deducted.
5.When there is only the center ball,you will come into the next level.
6. After the game is over, please input your name and leave your record. Wish you a pleasant game experience!

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