AngryCat! HD

There are a lot of monsters here, strawberry,stupid tree,foolish fish,skeleton,and Pharaoh, there are all obstacles, you should shoot them all.

The cat spits the bullets (including bullets and super bullets), the bullets will bounce on the wall for a while, you will into the next gate.till you shoot all the monsters,of course ,if you wanna a higher score, you should kill all the objects on the screen.

You can readjust the angle of bullets, then choose to press the bullet or super bullet button, kill the large monster more faster ,the higher score you own,and you will enter the next gate more quickly!

We will record your score,and of course ,you can check your globel ranking at game center any time, come to own higher score!

The angry cat is no less than 40 gates, and will be increased,you can enjoy the game at in your own good time, of coure ,we are keep updating!

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