Ancient Puzzles HD

Get a taste of a dozen puzzle games that have withstood the test of time! Ancient Puzzles offers Brain Smashers for those looking to have endless addictive fun with hundreds of puzzle possibilities. Brain Crunchers will help enhance memory, focus, and data access speeds. Ancient Puzzles also provides a way to show off your cleverness with the ultimate set of Brain Teasers, which are great to solve with family and friends.

Ancient Puzzles includes twelve full games, many with multiple difficulty levels and hundreds of puzzle variants…

– Code Break
– Number Slide
– Blocked
– Box Fit
– Tower of Hanoi
– Coin Weigh
– Memory Mix
– Swap
– Lucas’ Problem
– Seesaw
– Water Jars
– Three Bags

NO advertisements ever. NO forced network connections. Perfect for quick gaming sessions and finding out how smart your friends are! Free for a limited time, get it while it’s still free!