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iAm Ringer

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iAm Ringer is a handy iPhone ringtone maker lets you DIY unique iPhone ringtone from many sources. You can drag popular video, audio files and movies in a variety of formats like MP3, WAV, MP4, AVI, etc. directly from iTunes, and then make your own ringtone in the zoom-in-and-out timeline for a precise ringtone length.
With this iPhone ringtone maker, there is no limit to the iPhone ringtone numbers you can make, and all the created iPhone ringtones will be auto added to iTunes for easy sync with Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPod, iPad and more.

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iVI will convert and import video files into iTunes or iMovie with a simple drag and drop. iVI will identify TV Shows and Movies and add metadata automatically such as poster artwork, episode details, cast lists etc. iVI will format the video for all Apple platforms automatically including Mac, AppleTV, AppleTV 2, iPad, iPhone and iPod. iVI supports surround sound, multiple audio tracks (for various languages) and subtitles too.

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The best solitaire card game and most realistic of its kind. No one has reached this level so far. We are first! There will be a lot of solitaire games after us, but we have been and will be pioneers!. Cards graphics are great and the game is easy to play. Among the features you can: – select among beautiful themes – restrain or not the cards selection on a stack – ask McSolitaire if you can go on. – restart the same game. – ask McSolitaire to do the next move for you. – apply unlimited Undo/Redo commands. – set the number of cards flipped from the hidden deck. – tell McSolitaire if you want to be alerted when no more move is possible. – turn sounds on/off – change the animation speed. – see and reset your personal score. – use gesture to perform actions -change the background – change the back image of the cards – warn player if no more moves and more!

Get it here, it’s free!


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Looking for a Challenge? Cubetastic is probably the hardest and most challenging puzzle game you will ever play. The game brings you in a world of cubes made up of different cells and colors. On top of each cube sits a light which you are asked to guide to the goal. Find a path to the goal by turning and recombining the cells of the cube.

We dare you to try to master this original puzzle game: 150+ challenging levels await you. You need to think three-dimensionally and be smart at it . You need to stay focused even during the hardest levels.
There are different cube sizes, different colors and a whole bunch of special items. We also included a few easy levels to get you started – and the game allows you to skip and save the harder levels for later (should you get stuck).

Cubetastic comes with addictive gameplay, two game modes, a stupendous amount of levels, easy-as-pie tutorials for beginners and achievements for you to do yourself one better or challenge your friends.

It‘s Cubetastic – tell your friends. Seriously, tell ’em now!

Free for a limited time, get Mac version here, iPhone version here or iPad here!

Fantastic 4 In A Row

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4 In A Row has never been so much fun! Our Classic Checkers theme is one that all can enjoy as you try to beat the computer or play against a friend. The Christmas Beat theme lets you stack up the ornaments while listening to upbeat Christmas music from around the world. Our Jammin’ Sports theme keeps you pumped as you play basketball versus soccer.

Play multiplayer head-to-head games using Bump! Just bump your devices together and play. Requires Internet connection (3G, EDGE, WIFI).

3 levels of game play (easy, medium and hard) lets you keep having fun as you improve your game.

Get it here or get the Max OSX version here


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DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works. Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac.

Get it here, or download here if the site is down..

Get it here if you want Mavericks support (or here).


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Shadow is the brand new clipboard utility for Mac OS X. Clipboard managers have come and gone on the Mac, but Shadow brings a new concept – Copy on one Mac, paste on another! Using Apple’s Bonjour technology, a super-fast multithreaded server, and a wickedly simple interface, Shadow will change how you use your Mac workgroup.

Shadow also provides a multi-item clipboard for each Mac it’s installed on. If that was not enough, you can add more clipboards if you want, name them whatever you want and store all your clippings in your own categories.

You can then decide if you want to share a particular clipboard. If you want to share it with some people, but not others, you can protect them with a password! So, even if you only have one Mac on your network, you could still find Shadow invaluable.

Download here!