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There are few things more painful than fiddling with a web browser or trying to use cURL to test RESTful web services. That’s why we created RESTtest.

RESTtest is a simple and intuitive way to invoke RESTful web services as well as standard HTTP calls. All you need to do is enter a request body, any necessary headers, and hit Submit. Once you’ve received a response, you have the option to save the whole request/response to a *.rstst file for later playback, or you can simply save the response as plain text.

Features include:
* Open multiple request windows at the same time
* Save requests to disk for later playback
* iCloud support for saved requests
* Pretty printing of responses (JSON and XML)
* HTTP Basic Authentication
* Full control over HTTP headers
* Full control over HTTP verbs
* Table-view of response headers

We created RESTtest as a way to easily test our internal APIs, but we’re always listening to users and adding features that aren’t based on our own needs. Feel free to contact us today and request a feature!

Free in January, get it now!

Anonymous Browser Pro

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The Branon Secure Anonymous Web Browser is an application designed to allow users to browse the web securely and anonymously, easily, through an integrated proxy, bypassing any filters placed on your internet.

Our application now browses through an improved integrated proxy to bypass web filters and keep you anonymous!

The app features:
– Integrated proxy service for bypassing router based firewalls and filtering.
– An SSL connection through the proxy to the site you are visiting, allowing you to visit secure sites with piece of mind.
– Fully compatible with commonly blocked sites such as Facebook.
– Sleek, stylish interface, designed to give you the maximum space on screen for browsing.
– Automatic cache clearing when closing and opening the app.
– No link to Safari or any other web browser on your Mac, so no history will be saved in them.
– Compatability with a number of web plugins.
– Pro Version, so no adverts.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

MacFonts Holiday Fonts

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A holiday collection of 10 fonts perfect for Christmas and other seasons of celebration, including a personal AND commercial use license for a single user so you can use the fonts in any home, business or for-profit project. All fonts are available in OpenType format and work in all applications including Quark, Illustrator, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, iLife, iWork, Pixelmator and more.

Advantages of OpenType Fonts:
The OpenType font format provides a single cross-platform compatible font file for easy font management and improved document portability between the Mac and PC platforms; ability to embed fonts into PDF projects; superior print quality; and improved language support with an expanded set of international characters including the Euro currency symbol.

Free for a limited time, get it here!


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Counts your mouse (or trackpad) traveling distance.
You will be surprised how much you traveled!

★ logs mouse/trackpad traveling distance
★ units: pixel, inch, foot, yard, mile, meter, kilometer
★ logs mouse/trackpad clicks
★ statistics for your keyboard usage (optional)
★ close window to run silently in menu bar

Get it here!

Window Tidy

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How many times have you had to keep switching between documents when you wished you could just see them all at the same time? For example, composing an email whilst referencing information on a spreadsheet and a PDF? The process of dragging and resizing these windows manually is very fiddly and time consuming. And then when you’re done, you’ve got to move them all back! Step in Window Tidy.

You can view a screencast of Window Tidy in action by clicking the screencast link on our product website:

Window Tidy lets you quickly and easily arrange your application windows on your Desktop onto a customisable grid using nothing but drag and drop! When you want to reposition a window, there are no hot-keys to remember or menus to click, you simply drag and drop the window onto customisable pop-up Layout Icon and it will instantly snap to that layout. It also works seamlessly over multiple monitors too!

You can create any number of layouts, each with it’s own grid size, so in just a few seconds you can take control of your Desktop and get working more efficiently.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Batch Photos

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Quickly rename, convert, resize, adjust color and relocate large batches of files. Only need a click,Batch photos can do these things for you. It is the universal tool for browsing, resizing, renaming, enhancing and converting image file format.

★★★★★ Features★★★★★
✓ Batch rename file name.
✓ Batch convert file format.
✓ Batch resize image file size.
✓ Batch enhance image file.
✓ Batch relocate files.
✓ Batch convert image to PDF.
✓ All origin metadata will be fully saved.
✓ Image file manager.
✓ Manage your files by HD Tree.
✓ To organize folders by drag&Drop files.
✓ Import files to folder through dragging or clicking button.
✓ Browse all kind of files by thumbnail.
✓ Sort thumbnail by Name, Type, Size or Modify Date.
✓ Double-Click files to review.
✓ View files by “Open With” menu and “Quick Look” menu.
✓ Quickly search files and filter image format.
✓ Remove files.
✓ Send E-mail.
✓ Zoom in or zoom out thumbnail.
✓ Select or deselect all files.
✓ Support sandbox.

Batch Photos frees you from these repetitive tasks by processing hundreds, or even thousands, of images with a single click.

To enjoy all features please download it here, free for a limited time.


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Clips is a time machine for your clipboard – it remembers everything you copy/paste so you never lose a thing!

– Unintrusive system clipboard monitoring
When Clips is running you won’t even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to sit in the background and silently add anything you copy.

– Application automatic clipboards
As you go about your daily business, Clips automatically generates and arranges copied items into Application-specfic clipboards. If that’s not enough, you can create your own.

– Smart Clipboards
They’re exactly what you’d think they are. Define a set of rules and these clipboards will automagically display all past and future matching clips.

– Live Search
Storing dozens or hundreds of clips? Just start typing in the Clips Board and irrelevant items will fly off the screen instantly.

– Abbreviations: on-the-fly text expansion
Assign Abbreviations to your clips and Clips will type/paste them automatically for you when you enter the abbreviation anywhere on your Mac. Use abbreviations for emails, signatures, code, or anything else you can think of.

– Shortcuts
Clips enables you to define shortcuts to paste the five most recent items. You can also define your own shortcuts to paste additional clips of your choosing.

– Drag and Drop
Want to store an email, a piece of text, a Web page for future reference? Just drop it onto the Clips panel!

Get it here, free for a limited time!


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Real-time collaboration, project management, and Git made simple.

Track and monitor each member of your team. Gitpilot allows you to see what other developers on your team are working on, assign improvements to them, and even promote friendly competition.

Create simple and easy to manage improvements for your project. By iterating in small steps, Gitpilot allows you use any agile methodology (scrum, xp, kanban) and adapt to different specifications.

**Organized Workflow**
Seperate your development workflow into three phrases: Add improvements to the backlog to be worked on later. Move them to the develop bin to implement. Then release them when finished.

** Git – Simplified**
Let Gitpilot help you take charge of your Git repository. Similar to git-flow, Gitpilot can guide you through initializing your repository, creating branches paired with your improvements, and synchronizing (push/pull) with Git remotes.

**Increase Your Productivity**
By removing the complicated task of using Git with your projects, collaborating in real-time, and a visualizing your workflow. Gitpilot allows you to focus on your development and increase your productivity.

Free during it’s beta period, get it here!

RuneCSV – CSV Editor

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CSV files (Comma Separated Values) are a common format used to transfer simple data, it is often used for email lists, spreadsheet exports and for databases.

RuneCSV allows you to edit these CSV files in an easy to use interface.

RuneCSV also makes use of Lion’s FullScreen so you can modify CSV files using the full screen estate.

RuneCSV organises opened files in easy to read gridded columns and offers many features which makes it simple to edit your spreadsheet or database exports.

Get it here, free for a limited time!

Kids vs Goblins

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Kids vs Goblins is a game about three children that are stranded on a magical island with their baby brother after a wild storm. During the night, their brother is kidnapped by two wicked Goblins. The children are woken by his cries and make ready to battle for their baby brother! The goblins work for the mighty Goblin King, who they must find and defeat. Fortunately they have some help in the form of magical powers they gain from a mysterious source. With their combined powers, courage and your help they will triumph! Or will they?

Kids vs Goblins is an action adventure game with RPG elements. You control the three heroes simultaneously, by dragging lines from them to their destination, or by double tapping to move them as a group. Before each mission, you assign the spells you want to use. With the magical stones you will gather you can unlock powerful and unique spells such as ‘Fire Hammer Flurry’, ‘Chain Lightning’ and ‘Dinner Table’. Each situation asks for a different approach, so try out different strategies and don’t forget to heal your heroes when they take damage!

Kids vs Goblins has a low learning curve that is suitable for all kinds of players, but also offers strategic depth in the selection of spells for each mission. The 6 different surroundings take the player across snowy mountain peaks and through dark, damp caves to the Castle of Doom at the climax of this epic tale. With over 60 unique spells and more than 30 challenging missions Kids vs Goblins offers hours of unique gameplay, and many more for those players who want to find the most powerful spell combinations in the game. Besides the story you can play levels in endless mode, where you have to fight off a never-ending horde of enemies, and roulette mode, where the games decides which spells to use. Get ready to be mesmerized and excited by the magical world of Kids vs Goblins.

Free for a limited time, both for iOS and OSX!