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Fiete – A day on a farm

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*** Best Mobile Game for Kids 2014 ***
(German developer prize)

Cock-a-doodle-do! When the rooster crows in the morning, all the animals wake up.
In this lovingly created app the children help Fiete and his two friends Hinnerk and Hein in their daily work on the farm.

The kids collect eggs from the henhouse in the morning, shear the sheep at noon and feed the pigs in the evening.

And when all the work is done, there is even a bit of time left to spend around the campfire before everybody says “Goodnight!”

– Wake up Fiete, Hein and Hinnerk
– Collect eggs
– Harvest carrots

– Clean the pigs
– Pick apples (and don’t forget to rescue the cat)
– Shear the sheep

– Milk the cow
– Feed the pigs
– Have the merchants pick up wool, milk, eggs, grain, fruits and vegetables

After the work is done:
– Enjoy the end of the work day at the campfire”

– Free updates with new scenes
– scenes with lots of things to see
– intuitive, no explanation needed
– cute animals
– lovingly produced animations
– hand-painted textures
– atmospheric soundscapes
– protected area for parents”

If bugs occur, please write to [email protected]
Please tell us what device you used and how the error occured.

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Download it here it is (now) free!


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*** In case of any problem, please contact us at [email protected] ***

** Geokids is free today by reason of the AppEvent action. Visit for more free apps in the days to come! **

With GEOKIDS, learning Geography is fun.
Countries, Flags, Capitals, Population, Area…

Several game modes are used to learn geography in different ways:

– GEOKID Mode:
In the GeoKid mode, Kids have to navigate in the world map and indicate where are the countries or the capitals, according to questions on the country name, on the flag, on the capital or on monuments.

– QUIZ Mode:
In the Quiz mode, answer multiple choice questions, about countries, flags, capitals, monuments, areas as well as the inhabitants of the largest countries in the world.

– Flag Mode:
This game mode displays all the flags of the world and allows to get information about countries by clicking them.

– Discovery Mode:
In this game mode, navigate freely on the world map and discover all countries. A search mode is also available to locate all countries and capitals all around the world.

– Puzzle Mode:
Each time you succeed to answer questions in GeoKid and Quiz modes, you earn stars that unlock wooden puzzles about world countries.

– 2 Levels of Difficulty:
With this choice of difficulty, Kids start learning with a selection of the best-known country and can then switch to hard mode to play with all countries in the world.

GEOKIDS is both easy to use and rich in content.

Your kids will love to travel in all countries of the world and learn to locate them on the map.

Learning Geography has never been so fun.

With GEOKIDS, your kids will become the Geography masters!!!

Download it here it is (now) free!

Set the clock – telling time (learn to tell time)

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’Set the Clock’ is free today in collaboration with the AppEvent! Visit for more free apps!

* Listed in the top 3 of educational apps in the Dutch App Store!

‘Set the clock’ can help your child to learn to tell time and revives old times by reintroducing the wooden clock on the iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch!

You can practice together with your child, or let him/her perform assignments on his/her own using the nine game types in the App: “Set the clock’, ‘Tell the time’, ‘Adjust the clock’ and more. The assignments are clearly pronounced in English.

Besides English, it is also possible to have the assignments spoken in Dutch, German, French, Spanish and even Chinese. This makes that “Set the clock” can provide enough challenge even for older children.

Each game type, has five levels of difficulty. When enough correct answers are given, you are rewarded with a bronze, silver or gold medal!

– Beautifully designed wooden clock.
– Earn medals and shows that you are a real time telling champion!
– Multiple game modes (nine in total; analog and digital):
> Learn to set the clock to the correct time.
> Choose which clock displays the correct time.
> Learn to set the clock ahead or back.
– Tap the clock’s digits to hear what number it is.
– English spoken, so your child can practice independently.
– Different levels: hours, half hours, per quarter and per 5 minutes.
– Also suitable for older children / pupils, because of the ability to tell time in other languages.

In short: a great educational app for both young and old. Learn telling time is just as fun as ever!

Download it here it is (now) free!

CodeQuest – Learn how to Code on a Magical Quest with Games

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Give your kids the Holiday gift of programming today! Perfect for Hour of Code. Kids join a wild adventure into the world of code, and learn how to interact with the basics of programming. While playing games they can learn over 100+ different code snippets and learn more about HTML and CSS!

It’s time to get your kids busy with their technical skills and start the journey to becoming the Coding Ninja they are! With CodeQuest they can create, build, and explore basic HTML and CSS. Within minutes they’ll be interacting with code as they have never done before. Who knew it could be so easy?

With several mini-games hidden within CodeQuest, your children’s recognition and knowledge of code will be tested and tried whilst they’re having fun creating. They can compete with themselves and try and beat past scores. They are becoming a coding expert! Choose between different backgrounds, fonts, and fun lists (in the new enhanced iPad version) to populate their personalized and unique website. And if they want to make it extra-personalized they can choose photos from the camera roll or even take a photo of themselves!

Especially proud of their website? Go ahead and publish it on our secure servers for just you and your family (you must be over 13 to use this feature). Build, learn, and share more amazing websites and perfect your familiarity of code with CodeQuest-Website Adventures.

KEY FEATURES *Enhanced* for iPad
Interact, familiarise, and play with over 100 snippets of HTML and CSS
Mix, match, and uncover over 50 different combinations of website themes
Style websites with over 50 headings and multiple fonts
Use the built-in camera to add a photo to the personalized creation
Test recognition of CSS and HTML tags
Securely publish the personalized, self-coded website on the web, and share with friends and family
Beautifully and originally crafted graphics
Parental updates on coding progress throughout the app
Easy-to-use kid-friendly interface with thousands of creative & learning possibilities
No third-party advertising
No in-app purchasing


Perfect Introduction the few HTML tags needed for a website
Beautifully and originally crafted graphics
Test recognition of CSS and HTML tags
Interact, familiarise, and play with over 100 snippets of HTML and CSS
Parental updates on coding progress throughout the app
Easy-to-use kid-friendly interface with thousands of creative & learning possibilities
No third-party advertising
No in-app purchasing

CodeQuest -Website Adventures enables children to harness their inner coder, and begin creating with code in a kid-friendly, and rich storytelling environment. CodeQuest is suitable for children ages 6 and up.

Privacy Policy
Privacy is something that we take very seriously at Codarica. We make sure that you’re given the option to keep up to date with what your child is creating and interacting with. To read more about our privacy policy please go to

Codarica is an award winning educational provider of digital content that helps children get their first introduction in to the world of code. We believe that by using magical storytelling children can learn anything whilst having fun whilst also learning the vital 21st century skill of coding. Combine that with fun games and a personal journey involving our playful characters and the possibilities for harbouring an amazing creative environment are endless. We believe that children should be able to play, learn and explore in a safe environment so therefore we do not show any third-party ads or have any in-app purchases. Codarica makes seriously fun games.

Download it here it is (now) free!

Fur and Feathers HD

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You are now looking at a new funny and cute matching game for kids and parents.
If you decided to buy it, you will definitely get HD graphics, beautiful colors and breathtaking game play.
And we hope, you’ll like it and enjoy playing it for long hours.
★  iPad Retina support
★★★★★ “Fur and Feathers HD – A Fun and Addictive Match Three Game using Adorable Birds” –

* This app version is compatible with all iPad`s.
And the game has ultra-sparkling graphics, so you’ll need an iPad 3 to fully experience the awesomeness of the HD retina display.

Game Features:
★ Two game modes
Easy – for children from 4 years old.
Hard – for children from 10 years old and up to 99.

★ Jump, Move and Match the birds
You may match birds by color or type.
The more birds you match, the more points you get!

★ Be aware of cats
A Сat can eat one of the birds from the first wire paired by type or color.

★ Fever mode
Achieve fever mode to have points multiplication.

★ Tic-tac Egg
An Egg is explosive, you need to match it as soon as possible with any two paired birds.

★ Sparkles
If you see it, touch quickly to have high-voltage discharge and clear the wire.

★ Team play
This game supports multitouch. So you may play both hands or even together with friends.

★★★ Let`s play the very jumping match-3 game in AppStore history!

Download it here for iPad or here for iPhone it is (now) free!

Onion Knight

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Onion-Knight, which still in develop is a free ARPG game for the IOS. We would like to use this opportunity to share this game. We will continue to add new content (Such as scenes, characters, spells, items, etc.). We will build and improve our game based on your feedback.

The story happened in a dark age, with no hero in existence. The main character is a knight from fantasy; a heroic knight who often times behaves absurdly. However, there is nothing that can stop him from chasing his dreams.


A free and an ARPG.

-A fantastic role-playing game for the IOS including excellent graphics and awesome gameplay.

– The player will encounter many fights with the devil. There are many unique maps to explore, for example, Screaming Cemetery, Dead Desert, Silent Jokul, and Quiet Forest, with many more maps under development.

– Players can choose to play different roles. In the future, the player can choose to even play as the devil.

– Several challenges await, such as difficult boss battles.

– Battle against a variety of enemies. The player can use different types of weapons, items, and spells. They can fight like the legendary knight.


If you have any question(bug,suggest,problem…etc) could post to here
Also you could post your game of honor or funny picture that share to other players.

Download it here it is (now) free!

Dungeon Hunter 5

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The legendary Dungeon Hunter series returns with a vengeance! Play the most intense and immersive hack ‘n’ slash game ever on mobile!

After stopping the demon invasion in the Kingdom of Valenthia, the world remains shattered, crumbling at its very core — destruction and desolation seeping from its wounds — but even when we try to rebuild, things never go back to how they once were… Now, things are different.

– Embark on a Single-Player Campaign through 5 Realms and countless dungeons
While seeking vengeance for your forsaken, embark on an immersive journey as our spirit-imbued hero through the five shattered realms, and become known as the most notorious Bounty Hunter of them all.

– Co-operative Gameplay
Hire your friends or other players as Allies to help you on your journey of vengeance and bounty hunting.

– Asynchronous Multiplayer
Customize your Stronghold with a large variety of creatures, manage and defend it, and raid opponents’ Strongholds to ravage their loot.

– Daily and Weekly Events
Daily dungeons will reward your demon-killing skills with unique materials to evolve and fuse your gear, while weekly Wanted Challenges will require you to get on top of the leaderboard to get the best rewards.

– Unrivaled Hack ‘n’ Slash Action
Discover how the animations and controls have been revamped to deliver the most amazing combat moves and even more satisfying deaths.

– Superior Graphics
DH5 offers AAA graphics and intricate details to bring the game and story to life.


Visit our official site at
Follow us on Twitter at or like us on Facebook at to get more info about all our upcoming titles.
Check out our videos and game trailers on
Discover our blog at for the inside scoop on everything Gameloft.


This app allows you to purchase virtual items within the app and may contain third-party advertisements that may redirect you to a third-party site.

Download it here it is (now) free!

Find All Premium – Fine Motor Skill and Cognitive Development

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*** Early childhood education & development. ***
*** Train and improve your child concentration and attention! ***

This learning game is specially designed for kids, toddlers and preschoolers for children’s brain training and development.

“A must have for parents!” – Enjoy your free time while your kid plays this amazing animated learning game.

In each game, the kid needs to focus, find and point certain items/insects/birds etc.
When Kid find and point the item it’s disappearing from the screen. Your Child will be very excited to find and tap those items.

With this fun game your child can improve his/her concentration and attention and at the same time will have the wonderful time and much joy.

* Improve child concentration and perception.
* Develop attention and ability to focus
* Visual-active thinking
* Fine motor skills

This game is a part of series of educational children games for kids that consist of applications aimed at the development of sensory-motor intelligence , speech, visual- active thinking, concentration, perception, attention.

This educational game is based on the researches of the Center Preschool child development and education. The system covers all the main aspects of the child’s mental development and is designed for different age group to develop specific children abilities.
We hope that our games will become the good assistant in your child education, help methodically correctly and harmoniously develop the essential skills and abilities and prepare the child for school, and at the same time the education will be great for you and your child.

Buy it here for only $1.99

MathGames Primary School Math

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** MathGames is free today in collaboration with the AppEvent! Download the free AppEvent-app or visit for more free apps! **

MathGames is fun, and educational arithmetic game for your child. This game is designed to teach the basic of math to kids in very different ways. This game helps your child to improve his or her math skills by playing and also having fun. This game is intuitive, so that every child can learn math even without having knowledge of the alphabet.

MathGames is divided into multiple levels and every level contains multiple games. The difficulty of the levels increases from easy to more complex, whereby the games at the end of a level and the first games of the next level, have almost the same difficulty. It is possible for every level to play against friends or other people around the world through the multiplayer option. MathGames keeps for each level a rating that starts with a score of 1500.

Level 1: Starts with the understanding of the numbers from 0 to 12. The games are “memory” where the numbers are visible, counting fishes and a number line.

Level 2: The goal is to create understanding of the numbers till 20. The same games are used as in level 1 in order to archive this goal.

Level 3: This is the first level where calculating addition and subtraction sums are introduced. The numbers go to 30 for the understanding of numbers, where the addition and subtraction sums starts with numbers to 10 and later in the level this number goes up to 20.

Level 4: This level extends the numbers to 100 and introduces times tables. The kids learn times tables 1,2,3,4,5,10 in this level of MathGames.

Level 5: The numbers has a max to 1000 for the number line and for the sums with plus/minus a max to 100. Also the divisions are introduced in this level. All the times tables, 1 to 10, are trained to your kids.

Level 6: The last level of MathGames contains all the elements described in level 1 to level 5. The numbers have a range from 0 to 10000 and the times tables are from 1 to 10.

MathGames helps children in kindergarten and elementary school to learn numbers and to improve their math skills. The game works on tablets and smartphones which makes it possible to do the educational math exercise on both devices. MathGames has no background music in the games itself, which helps your kid to fully concentrate on the math problem. Sounds are used in the math game to indicate if the answer is correct or incorrect. The game can be used without sound if you want to keep silence in the room.

Feedback from the parents and children helps to improve this math game. Please feel free to send me an email if you have any suggestion that helps improving this free game or if you having problems with this math game.

Download it here it is (now) free!