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Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi

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Tremble! Robots are going to seize power over the universe! Feel the spirit of the ultimate space adventures and experience the most decisive battles in your life in the new thrilling tower defense game Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi!

Discover unknown cosmic worlds in the latest entry in the Toy Defense game series, gained more than 15 million tower defense fans all over the world — Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi!

Passions run high with a new Tournament mode! Get ready to show you great fighting skills as you compete with other commanders to outbid everyone and win awesome prizes! It’s time to kick the competition into high gear!

Put your skills as both a commander and a fighter to the ultimate test and save the galactic empire from the foreign oppressors! Repel attacks of robots and space crafts as you defend your base: recruit fearless soldiers, fortify armor, train cadets, and supply corps with the best weapon… It’s time to strut your stuff and accept the challenge of the epic intergalactic war!

Cosmic Features:
– Relish unique mix of tower defense gameplay and science fiction atmosphere
– Outbid other commanders in the Tournament mode!
– Explore 72 missions on the astonishing space maps: Mars, alien jungles and outer space
– Fight off 8 types of enemies, from tanks to stormtroopers
– Deploy rifleman and artillery to stop hostile forces
– Upgrade your soldiers using a massive power-ups system
– Cooperate or compete with your friends
– Collect numerous achievements during this war
– Help your army with six useful gameplay bonuses: maintenance personnel, resurrection, defensive strike, hand of god, urgent assignment, and freezing

Sense the cosmic significance of the battles you win — rush to the attack right now! There’s no time to ponder — the future of the whole universe is now in your hands!

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Not ready to buy? Try Toy Defense 4: Sci-Fi Free!

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Circle is a small Angle measurement tool, You can be rotated to any Angle, and use the shortcut key rotation Angle.

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Fresh – Kids quiz fruit & vegetables – Appracadabra

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Teach your kids all about fruit and vegetables by playing this quiz app together! Show them what their food looks like before it’s chopped, sliced and diced. Teach them how to pick the spinach from a table full of veggies. Dare them to race each other picking all red fruits that grow on trees. Let your child discover all about artichokes, snow peas and zucchini and many more fruit and vegetables in a fun loving way.

••• Encourages kids to try new fruit & vegetables.
••• Helps kids to recognize fruits and vegetables.
••• Helps kids to develop a healthy lifestyle.
••• Helps parents to teach their kids the dietary benefits of fruit & veggies.

• Over 110 questions (multiple choice and open-ended) – by voice, so your kid doesn’t have to be able to read yet.
• From artichoke to zucchini: 57 different types of fruit and veggies.
• Colorful hand painted illustrations by Swiss illustrator Zara Atelj.
• Unexpected (but funny!) effects.
• Intuitive, kid-friendly gameplay.
• Spoken in 20 languages.

Fresh features 4 player modes in up to 6 levels:
1. Play on your own.
2. Play on your own against the clock.
3. Play together with a friend.
4. Play heads up with a friend.

• Play on your own or with a friend.
• Work as a team or race your friends.
• Race the clock or play at your own pace.
• Playfully competitive: rescue your veggies from hungry bugs.

• Play together and teach your child the dietary benefits of fruit and vegetables.

Fresh is great for kids five years and up. Over 110 questions will help them identify 57 different types of fruits and vegetables, encourage them to try new ones and help them develop a healthy lifestyle.

You can play Fresh in 20 languages: English, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, Swiss-German, Swedish, and Russian.

Children’s apps should add beauty, heart and soul to the world of kids. They should be ad-free, readable by those that can’t read yet and inspiring. Appracadabra is an independent publisher specialized in beautiful, usable and honest children’s apps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, most in over 16 different languages.

Appracadabra cares about children and respects their privacy. This app does not collect data, contain in-app purchases nor push notifications, ads, social network integration like Facebook and Twitter, hidden tracking software or external links.

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Smoothies, the healthy fruit shakes

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Smoothies, the healthy fruit shakes is free today in collaboration with the Health event of AppEvent!
Download the free AppEvent-­app or visit for more free apps!

Delicious, very easy to prepare smoothies!

Fruit contains lots of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.
Fruit keeps you healthy, keeps your weight stable and is extremely important in the prevention of many diseases.

The recommended amount of fruit is at least 2 – 3 cups per day. But for many people it is difficult to take that much every day.
For all those people, smoothies are a great solution.

For each smoothie the app describes clearly how to prepare the smoothie, its ingredients, its nutritional values, and the diseases and illnesses the smoothie can help prevent.

It indicates, for each smoothie and for each individual fruit, the percentage of the recommended daily intake (RDI) it contains, of the most important vitamins and minerals.

Sometimes it is difficult to choose a smoothie from the wide selection. Therefore, the app helps you, by letting you choose a smoothie in several ways:

– Per fruit. You can choose from 20 different fruits.

– Fruits can be classified by their color.
Each color contains different important vitamins, minerals and bioactive substances.
To ensure your intake of nutrients is as varied as possible, the app divides the smoothies in different colors.

– The app indicates, for a large number of diseases and conditions, which fruits, and therefore smoothies, are beneficial in their prevention.

– The smoothies can also be selected by whether they contain dairy products or not and by calories.

This app is available in English, Spanish and Dutch

There is plenty of choice!

Download it here it is (now) free!

Tafels Leren door Liedjes te Zingen

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**Tafels Leren Door Liedjes te Zingen** is vandaag gratis in verband met AppEvent actie!
Download de gratis AppEvent-app en mis nooit meer een gratis app of bezoek voor meer gratis apps de komende dagen. **

Leer de tafels op een makkelijke en leuke manier door te luisteren en mee te zingen met liedjes en leuke filmpjes.

Waarom zou je ontelbare boekjes willen kopen die het kind vaak maar weinig stimuleren om ècht de tafels te leren? Je zult zien dat je met deze app voor veel minder geld veel sneller resultaten krijgt. En, niet geheel onbelangrijk, het leren wordt met plezier gedaan!

Vooral jonge kinderen hebben de hersencapaciteit om door herhaling snel dingen te leren. En met dit in ons achterhoofd hebben wij, met de medewerking van professionele docenten en onderwijs instituten, deze app ontwikkeld. Deze app, speciaal voor kinderen vanaf 4 jaar, leert hen op een leuke, interactieve en muzikale manier het leren van de tafels.

Daarbij is het ook niet onbelangrijk dat kinderen die deze app gebruiken een voorsprong zullen hebben met tellen en rekenen, waardoor ze in de klas sneller mee kunnen en makkelijker connecties kunnen leggen tussen de verschillende lessen.

Is het je wel eens opgevallen hoe snel je de tekst van een willekeurig populair liedje op de radio onthoudt en kan meezingen? De combinatie van de beat van het nummer, de herhaling van de tekst in het refrein, het rijmen van woorden, en het steeds terug horen van het liedje zorgt ervoor dat je vaak onbewust grote delen van de tekst onthoudt. Daarbij is het ook een leuke manier van memoriseren: al meedeinend op de muziek met de tekst meezingen.

Deze vorm van muziekeducatie stimuleert het ‘cross lateraal denken’; het tegelijk gebruiken van de linker- en rechterhersenhelft, zowel de rationele kant als de creatieve kant. Doordat we simpele liedjes gebruiken voor het aanleren van de tafels worden deze veel gemakkelijker onthouden.

Muziek luisteren heeft een positieve uitwerking op je concentratie en daardoor op je geheugen. Daarnaast kun je ritme en muziek gebruiken als hulpmiddel bij het leren. Door de informatie op muziek te zetten is het makkelijker te onthouden. Je hersenen zijn namelijk erg goed in het linken van muziek en taal.

Muziek legt verbindingen tussen beide hersenhelften. Dit gebeurt niet alleen bij het musiceren of verwoorden van muziek, maar ook in het muziek luisteren: bij consonante akkoorden is vooral de rechterhersenhelft actief en bij dissonante akkoorden de linker.

• Auditieve cortex. Hier worden de eerste stadia van het luisteren naar geluid, de perceptie en het analyseren van tonen verwerkt.

• Prefrontale cortex. Zorgt voor het creëren van klankverwachting, en bevrediging van verwachtingen.

• Hippocampus. Het geheugen voor muziek, muzikale ervaringen en contexten.

Download it here it is (now) free!

PAC-MAN Friends

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PAC-MAN Friends is a new, original fast-paced game using classic PAC-MAN characters! With simple tilt controls, you can maneuver PAC-MAN through progressively challenging mazes to rescue his friends from the Ghosts’ Castle!

Steer clear of Blinky, leader of the gang, along with his fellow ghosts Pinky, Inky, and Clyde and all new obstacles or you’ll lose a life. Grab the flashing Power Pellets to temporarily turn the tables and gobble up those pesky ghosts! Find and munch fruit for big points!

Unlock new friends! With powers like Invisibility to Ghosts, Wall Crashing and Illumination, each friend has a unique ability to aid PAC-MAN on his journey!

If the Ghosts catch you, use Cherries to save PAC-MAN or his friends and continue the action! Use the Slow Time boost to give you the edge and score the fastest time!

You can explore 95 levels in 6 worlds and unlock 9 uniquely powered friends. Hours of light-hearted, fun adventure lie ahead! Challenge your friends! Collect keys and fruit to unlock the next episode and explore the world of PAC-MAN Friends.

• 95 stages for all new challenges (including Dark Mazes)
• 5 different control modes
• 9 unique friends
• Daily Rewards
• Retina display support

Download it here it is (now) free!