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Tiny Firefighters

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Help those tiny firefighters and policemen in our interactive seek & find book!

++ Now with additional Police scene! ++

“Creative, fun and educational, the Toddler’s Seek & Find books from wonderkind are by far the best apps for small children”

++ The popular kids app is growing: No. 1 in more than 25 countries.
++ A seek & find book with truly interactive adventures.

Many parents & kids asked for it. Now it is here: The Seek & Find Activity Book all about firefighters and policemen.

Help those tiny firefighters and policemen do their work!
Discover what happens, and support the heroes in restoring order!

Fire department stories and adventures involving fighting fires as well as saving, rescuing and helping people and animals.

+ Fire! Fire!: help the brave firefighters to put out the blaze
+ The cute cow is stuck: get her out of the pond using the crane truck
+ The pussy cat has got stuck up the tree: rescue him and bring him down again
+ A storm has caused havoc: help the fire department to remove a fallen tree

New: Discover the adventures of busy policemen!
+ Catch the pickpocket!
+ Support the special operation and catch the burglar!
+ Oh no, the magpie stole the jewels! Can the Police cat get them back?
+ Safely escort the celebrity in his limousine
+ Fly against the witch and Superman in your Police helicopter!

…and many more adventures with the firefighters and policemen: the speeding car, the cheeky crow, the smart firefighter, the lazy policeman, the dancing traffic officer, the crazy duck and the funny horse…

Our promise
+ Your child will discover lots of little connected stories
+ Parents too will keep finding new hidden details
+ It’ll not only be your kid enjoying this app.

Fully supported languages
– Arabic
– Chinese (traditional and simplified)
– German
– English
– French
– Dutch
– Italian
– Japanese
– Korean
– Norwegian
– Portuguese (Brazil)
– Russian
– Swedish
– Spanish
– Turkish

Customer reviews
“…my 4-year-old throws tantrums when I try to take the iPad away from him…”

„Tiny Firefighters is a great seek and find app for toddlers and preschoolers.“ (

„A really enjoyable (and lighthearted) interactive scene with lots going on for the busy firefighters.“ (

App of the Week award at and
included in the Top 10 Apps of the Month at

The wonderkind apps’ success story
++ The No. 1 children’s apps in the App Store in over 25 countries worldwide (iPhone and iPad)
++ RECOMMENDED BY APPLE EDITORIAL STAFF in more than 300 categories worldwide!

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Support note
We have thoroughly tested this app on all iOS devices. If you do however experience problems, please understand that we are unable to provide support on the basis of comments in the reviews section. Please send us an e-mail instead so that we can respond and provide assistance quickly. Thank you very much!

Download it here it is (now) free!

Afloat for Mac

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Like any computer user, I spend a lot of time working with applications. And like many computer users, I also spend a lot of time bouncing between different windows and trying to keep everything straight.

Unlike many computer users, I’ve generally got things under control, thanks to the app Afloat for Mac.

Afloat for Mac isn’t focused on your windows’ sizes (unlike Divvy and Moom, which we’ll cover in a future episode). Where other apps focus on the X and Y, Afloat focuses on the Z axis, controlling a window’s placement above or below other windows. It lets you pin apps to the “top” of the stack, at the bottom, and also lets you set window transparency (my favourite feature).


Hey OS X Mavericks users: Afloat for Mac seems to work as intended in Mac OS X Mavericks. I did a clean install of OS X 10.9 Mavericks onto my new MacBook Air, then installed SIMBL 0.9.9 and Afloat 2.4 (linked below). Everything went smoothly and I use it regularly without problems. Here’s a screenshot to prove it.

That said, there are reports in the comments that it doesn’t work. My guess is that this has something to do with upgrade baggage, or conflicting applications. Or maybe I just got lucky!

First download and install SIMBL 0.9.9, and then download and install Afloat for Mac 2.4 (use the mirror links).

PipeLand HD

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The new generation of pipe-building games!

Test Yourself as a pipe-layer in the fantastic world of PipeLand! Build pipes through large green fields, deserts and mountains covered in snow! See a modern and developing metropolis surrounded by rivers that journey through all PipeLand! You can lay water pipes underground, transport sewage out of the city, or provide oil to power stations across endless deserts!

*** Requires at least iPhone 4 or iPad ***

Please note that on iPad 1 the game runs in a semi-HD mode only.

Key Features:
• Innovative gameplay: Power-ups, Pipe shapes, Unique bonus system, Pipe upgrades, Pipe shop (Not IAP, not real money), Realistic pressure calculation – Free splitting and merging of the flows!
• Highly detailed graphics and animated environment!
• 5 completely different environments: Field, Desert, Arctic, Urban, and Research Center
• 4 types of liquids: Water, Oil, Petrol and Sewage – Free combination with any of the environments!
• 4 game modes: Campaign, Survival, Quick Game, Custom Game
• 72 campaign levels
• More than 90 achievements!!!

Amazing Campaign Levels:
PipeLand City is a quickly expanding capital with ever-growing needs. It is the job of PipeLand Corporation to improve the water supply, extend the sewage system and even to install oil pipes where necessary! The corporation needs a new, talented pipe-builder, who can face the challenges in all circumstances!
Join PipeLand Corp. and improve the pipeworks of PipeLand. On more than 70 levels, You may develop new and fun pipes, which You can use later in other Game Modes as well!

Other Game Modes:
• Survival: Engage in a battle against the continuously growing pressure and see how long You can last!
• Quick Game: Just one tap and You can start building Your pipe system right away on a randomly generated level!
• Custom Game: Play it YOUR way! Choose between five different environments, four types of flow, on three differently sized levels. The randomly generated levels provide new experience every time!

Bonus system:
The new, innovative bonus system rewards a nice building style and the complexity of the pipe system as well! There are many special pipe shapes with which You gain extra points!

Flow Calculation:
During the game, You are free to split or to connect pipes. The next-generation flow system calculates the characteristics of the flow, according to the changes of circumstances!

Download it here it is (now) free!

PipeLand Roll HD

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The newest PipeLand game!

Supports all devices including iPhone 5.

After the challenges of real-time pipe-laying in the world of PipeLand keeping all drops of liquids from spilling, now You can try Yourself in a new game mode by solving pipe puzzles.

It is Your task to connect the ends of a shuffled pipe system by rotating the pipe elements and mixing different liquids together when necessary. You don’t have to worry about time or leaks as You work to rotate and connect the ends of the pipeline because the flow stops in the last pipe.

Key Features:
• Innovative gameplay: Power-ups, Liquid mixers, Flow splitting and merging, Extra rewards for perfect solutions!
• Highly detailed graphics and animated environment!
• 5 completely different environments: Field, Desert, Arctic, Urban, and Research Center
• 54 challenging puzzle levels
• Bonus levels for Christmas!
• Many achievements and leaderboards

*** Reviews ***

“Overall, PipeLand Roll is a relaxing puzzler that’s both challenging and fun. It is enjoyable content for those who love this genre. Whether gamers need a new pipe puzzler or just want a game they can play during commercial breaks, PipeLand Roll is worth considering adding to the collection.” – 148Apps – Peaceful Plumbing

Download it here it is (now) free!


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*** Limited Time Offer – 50% OFF! ***

Introducing Rails, the official remake of Shortline Railroad, one of biggest and most addictive gaming sensations of the 90s! You’re controlling the railroad today! Build tracks and guide trains to their stations, keeping the rail yard collision-free. Control the railroad switches and signals to lead trains from Point A to Point B, raking in money and earning achievements along the way.

You’ll be on your toes with the 12 different train types. Trains with a long line of cargo, those with time bombs, vigilante trains that won’t stop, and many others!

You can also play Rails on your Mac.

Key Features:

● 12 types of trains
● 30 achievements
● 60 unique levels
● 3 seasons
● Compete with others in the Game Center
● Ready for the iPad with Retina display

Buy it here for only $2.99

SiliBili HD

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Nobody would believe that the immensity of the universe was created based on 5 elements (faith, courage, freedom, wisdom and love) and God has created every living creature on it from water.

In a galaxy far, far away called Sibull… There was peace and harmony until it was invaded by dragons.

Like any living space, Sibull requires of these 5 elements to maintain the stay of its own citizens to a life of peace and harmony.

A lack of one of these elements or all, Sibull residents have suffered drastic changes in the functioning of their body, they lost the harmony and can not love, laugh and enjoy the life. They live in the hope that one day everything will be as before.

Sili and Bili, two friends with little anatomy but with radiant courage, took the hard work from the exciting journey of finding the 5 elements. It will not be easy, nonconformities are endless. Dragons of different civilizations, radioactive plants, misleading roads, powerful leaders are just some of the many obstacles that impede constantly our characters to deposit the stones (elements) in the sacred place. Doing so, the binding energy of these five stones will give pass to the next level, which complexity does not equal the previous.

Infiltrate to the exciting quest!


★ 3D Action-Adventure game with beautiful HD Graphics!
★ 2 Characters (Sili and Bili)
★ 2 Planets (Jungull & Magmull)
★ 7 Islands (Levels) in each planet
★ 2 Bonus levels in each planet
★ 8 different dragons plus 6 Boss dragons
★ 14 Upgradable Equipment (Hammers and Shields)
★ Hidden items, puzzle pieces and other surprises are found all through the planets
★ Every level offers new fun and new challenges
★ Hours of gameplay with many achievements
★ Retina display support

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Youtube Videos
SiliBili – Video Game Trailer
SiliBIli Gameplay – Planet Jungull
SiliBIli Gameplay – Planet Magmull


Note: iPad1 is NOT supported

Download it here it is (now) free!

Grandpa and the Zombies – Take care of your brain!

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“Highly characteristic and incredibly entertaining, Grandpa and the Zombies offers a host of enjoyable levels that will delight players of all ages.” (148 Apps)

Grandpa Willy’s brain might not be the freshest anymore, but he’s not ready to surrender it to the zombies anytime soon! If only the brakes would function on his wheelchair… Brace yourself for crazy puzzle fun and help Willy to safely navigate through the zombie apocalypse.


Just after waking up in a hospital, Grandpa Willy quickly realizes that there’s something fishy going on and that the world has changed. There’s no time to ask questions though since the zombies are already pounding on the door.

“Grandpa and the Zombies” is a fast-paced trip through 90 levels and three different worlds, which shows that you can also survive a zombie invasion in a wheelchair. The levels are filled to the brim with the craziest undead that make Grandpa Willy’s escape that much harder including stinky Halitosis Jack or the Forklift of Evil. Some of the undead can even be really helpful if you know how to interact with them.


A cool head, logic and vision are called for in order to reach the saving elevator move-by-move in every level while collecting as many candies as possible. Grandpa Willy is not in the mood for zombies but he loves candy more than anything and is willing to make a detour for this.

Steer Grandpa Willy’s wheelchair through the various levels. Grandpa Willy will roll only as far as he can until reaching an obstacle. And this better not be a zombie! Use obstacles, light declines and hazards cleverly and disorient the zombies. This is how you reach the saving elevator.


# Satisfying gameplay thanks to three different worlds and a total of 90 levels
# Horrible zombies – flee from Halitosis Jack, Bevil and Revil or the Forklift of Death!
# A new challenge in every level
# The apocalypse has never been this funny: ingenious comic-style for adults and children
# The zombie apocalypse! Challenge your friends on Facebook or Twitter

Buy it here for only $0.99

Mouse and Elephant become friends

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“That is such a smart mouse, I can’t believe it. Do you want to know what he did? You’ll read that in the first story,” Elephant says. The story of giving birth to their friendship is published as an iPad app on the App Store.

“Mouse & Elephant become friends” is the moving story of Elephant going for a walk to the lake but then gets trapped in a bad situation. There he meets Mouse and they end up being friends. In the story there are animations and sounds that children can playfully discover.
This app provides a delightful adventure for young children, with fun animations and sounds. Children can listen to the narrator (UK, IT, NED), but also an adult can tell the story. The beautiful illustrations of Lea Vervoort offer a lot of space to tell the story of Mouse & Elephant in your own way .

About the author Liesbeth Helsdingen
Liesbeth is a teacher living in The Netherlands. She loves writing. This story is the first from a series of seven books written by Liesbeth Helsdingen (1963). Liesbeth teaches at a primary school. With great pleasure she tells stories to the children every day. One day she decided to write her own story. It had to be recognizable for the children but also educational, funny and touching. And so, Mouse & Elephant were born.

About the illustrator Lea Vervoort
Lea is an illustrator based in the Netherlands. She believes that the world is even more beautiful, crazy, fun and mysterious than we already think. With her young -and slightly naive- view of the world Lea delivers illustrations that stand out. Her illustrations are surprising and beautiful with lots of (crazy) little details that’ll attract your attention right away. With her imagination she makes the world shine and washes away life’s everyday troubles. This way, her message will always reach the reader.

Lea graduated from the Art Academy St. Joost Breda (NL) as an illustrator, in 2012. Meanwhile she has already won several awards.

– BoekieBoekie Start Award 2013
– Double winner of HiiBrand Merit Award 2012
– Breda Art Award 2012 graduation rate
– Double winner of Nijgh and Ditmar 175 years book cover contest 2011

Currently, the narrator in French, German, Spanish is not available yet. In one of the next free (!) updates they will become available.

As a MOMs with Apps member, we follow the
“Know what’s inside” best practices for kids’ apps

Download it here it is (now) free!