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CarPuzzle: build, learn and play with cars

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CarPuzzle contains a selection of twenty different vehicles, ranging from a fire truck to a bulldozer. Fit the vehicles back together again and discover what they are used for! The app will teach young children to recognize and name a broad range of vehicles, while the puzzle element simultaneously helps to train the motor skills, hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness.

CarPuzzle is a fun and educational app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, developed by Little Makuzu. Our apps contain both spoken and written texts, they’re easy to understand and safe to use, so no advertisements.

Download it here it is (now) free!

Cover Orange 2

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+++Free today for 24h only+++

Revisit Cover Orange in this completely new and juicy sequel made by the original team. The acid rain cloud is after your oranges again!

– 160 Levels and more to come

Enjoy 160 clever levels with astounding new puzzles, each with its own ‘Eureka Moment’. We added new puzzle elements to the mix, like the trampoline, glass and the spike-ball. Find out why Cover Orange was awarded IGN’s coveted “Editor’s Choice”.

– Time Travelling Adventure

Enjoy travel through time, with each epoch having its own unique graphics and gameplay elements. Meet knight and pirate oranges on your way!

– Improved Gameplay

We stayed true to the original: drag and drop various objects into the level to build a shelter and protect your oranges. But this time, keep an eye on the background while the evil rain cloud passes by.
Will you find the hidden star?

– Play together with your family!

A lot of users told us that they played ‘Cover Orange’ together with the whole family. What a beautiful way of enjoying this awesome game! We want to keep this tradition alive with more puzzles to think outside the box. Who is first to find the solution?

– Dressing Room

Customize the look of your oranges in an all-new dressing room and share your design with friends.


– Universal App
– 160 Levels
– Retina Display Support
– iCloud Support
– Game Center Support
– New Gameplay Mechanics
– 3 Epochs of Time
– Unlockable Comics
– All-New Music Tracks
– Cute Animations
– Dressing Room

Download it here it is (now) free!

Bramble Berry Tales – The Story of Kalkalilh

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Celebrating the October 24th launch of “Bramble Berry Tales – The Great Sasquatch”, The Story of Kalkalilh is now FREE for a limited time!

** App Store’s Editor’s Choice in 22 Countries! **

When mischievous Lily sneaks out of bed, her Mooshum (grandfather) shares a cautionary tale filled with foreboding surprises. Join Lily and Thomas on a new adventure filled with touch interactivity, music, color, and sound. Rich narration and voice acting guide you through this adventure, based on the oral traditions of the Skwxwú7mesh.

The Story of Kalkalilh is a vibrant storybook experience that reinforces valuable life lessons. Parents and children are transported to a world filled with beautiful visuals and memorable characters. Your children can follow along in English, French, Spanish, or even the original Skwxwú7mesh language and learn more about the cultural traditions from the Squamish Nation.

Parents are advised that the villainous character might be a little scary for sensitive children, but no scarier than classic fairy tales like Hansel and Gretel.


– New and original story world
– Charming and humorous narration
– Inspired by traditional Indigenous languages & histories
– Learn vocabulary and language: English, French, Spanish, and Squamish
– Educational word highlighting and definitions for young readers
– Touch, tilt & slide to bring the story to life
– Optimized for iPhone 5 & Retina Display


“The overall quality of every aspect of this app – from the illustrations to the music and narration – is wonderfully realized and makes this app an easy one to recommend.”
– Amy Solomon, 148Apps (4.5/5)

“A wonderful treat unlike anything you’ve seen on iOS, or on any mobile platform for that matter.”
– Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

“A high-quality storybook that allows you to learn about a thousand-year-old tale and the Squamish language. “
– Eric Pramono, Geeks With Juniors

“Imaginative, stylized illustrations are friendly and inviting. Quality narrations bring the story to life.”
– JoDee, The iPhone Mom (5/5)

Download it here it is (now) free!

Petting Zoo – Animal Animations

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“Absolutely adorable” — USA TODAY

#1 iPad App in Germany overall!

From acclaimed author and illustrator Christoph Niemann comes this interactive picture book. Swipe and tap the 21 animals and be surprised at how they react. This app combines the charm of hand made animations and Niemann’s wry humor with state of the art technology. What would an elephant in your bathroom do? Can a dog breakdance? A storybook app unlike all others!


• 21 hand-drawn animales with suprising and great animations
• Playful, musical sounds for each animal
• Fun for all ages, from infants to adults
• No english required; animals don’t speak english


“Moms and dads will likely find that the app’s interface is not just fun for the kids, but also enjoyable for adults as well.” — WIRED

“Absolutely adorable” — USA TODAY

“A Quirky and absolutely charming app” — CNET 5/5

“Fizzing with character, craft, and humor” — THE GUARDIAN

“An alligator’s teeth become guitar strings, an octopus’s arms serve as a mandolin. It’s adorable, goofy, and immensely entertaining.” — FASTCOMPANY

“Possibly the loveliest app you’ll download this week/month/year.” — CREATIVEREVIEW

“Four little thumbs-up in my household for this one.” — KOTTKE

“Petting Zoo is one of those rare apps that brings out the kid in all of us.” — MACLIFE

Please also check out our other great Apps for kids:

„NIGHTY NIGHT“ – is the perfect App for a daily go-to-sleep ritual with lovely animals, sweet music and great narration.

„LITTLE FOX MUSIC BOX“ – is a sing-along songbook with more than 100 interactive elements in 3 songs and the little fox music studio where you can record your own songs.

If you experience any trouble with the App or have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us any time: [email protected] 
We´d love to help you out. Please also mention your device version and your iOS version.
Please also visit our website for more information and support.

Download it here it is (now) free!


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“Elke ochtend roept mama: ‘Opschieten, Nippertje! We moeten gaan.’ Maar Nippertje wil eerst zijn auto’s nog opruimen, of een liedje spelen op de piano. Nippertje kan niet opschieten en toch komt hij één keer precies op tijd!”

Het -voor alle ouders en kinderen- herkenbare verhaal van Nippertje is in de app te zien:
* als filmpje en
* als bladerbare versie met voorleesstem en inzoomfunctie

Daarnaast zit de app boordevol spelletjes met Nippertje, zoals:
* zelf een filmpje maken
* tekenen en kleuren, oa met kleurplaten van Nippertje
* educatieve tel- en zoekspelletjes
* puzzels en memospel

De spelletjes zijn ingedeeld op verschillende niveaus zodat kinderen van verschillende leeftijden worden uitgedaagd.

De app staat garant voor zeer lang speel- en kijk- en luisterplezier!

Tijdelijk gratis, download hier!

Measures – Unit and Currency Converter

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Free today with App of the Day

Download the app “App of the Day” and discover every day a paid app that becomes free for 24 hours!

Quickly convert between hundred of units and world currencies!

Conversion are done much faster and easier with Measures. We paid major attention to the usability of the program and hope that you’ll find it helpful in your daily work, travel and leisure.

– Huge database with over 1000 units in 40 categories
– User friendly all-in-one screen interface with the scroll wheels
– Four quickly re-programmable favorite buttons
– Search through all categories and units inspired by spotlight
– Daily updated currency exchange rates for 170 countries
– Units / categories which are rarely used can be deactivated
– Sorting of units: alphabetical, based on usage frequency etc.
– Built in calculator eliminating the need to switch to the calculator app
– Decimal precision can be controlled with a rounding slider
– Swapping the units or clearing the input through shaking
– Clearing the input through swipe gesture
– Switchable UI themes varying the appearance
– Copy and paste support
– Landscape mode showing list of all conversion in chosen category

Length * Area * Weight * Volume * Temperature * Time * Fuel Consumption * Data Storage * Data Storage IEEE1541-2002 * Speed * Currency Exchange Rates (170 countries) * Precious Metals FX Rates * Acceleration * Pressure * Energy * Power * Force * Torque * Angle * Charge * Density * Luminance * SI Prefixes * Flow * Radioactivity * Magnetic Flux * Magnetic Flux Density * Clothes and Shoes * Blood Sugar * Radiation equivalent dose * Sound * Viscosity (dynamic and kinematic) * Radio frequency * American Wire Gauge * Typography


Download it here for iPhone or here for iPad it is (now) free!

Amon en Amara

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Amon & Amara is vandaag gratis in verband met de AppEvent actie! Download de gratis AppEvent-app en mis nooit meer een gratis app of bezoek voor meer gratis apps de komende dagen.

Amon & Amara is een educatief en interactief avontuur dat zich afspeelt in het Oude Egypte. Het verhaal is geschreven in opdracht van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden, voor kinderen in de leeftijd van vier tot negen jaar om hen op een speelse manier kennis te laten maken met het leven in de Egyptische Oudheid. Door middel van interactieve animatie en spelopdrachten kunnen kinderen zelf of begeleid op avontuur. Voor wie meer over de Egyptische Oudheid wil weten, is een uitgebreid woordenboek opgenomen. De objecten uit het woordenboek zijn allemaal in het echt te zien. Vraag in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden naar de Amon & Amara speurtocht of kijk op de website voor het boeken van een rondleiding.

– 4-6 jaar: Visueel plezier, voorleeservaring, opbouw woordbegrip, spel.
– 7-9 jaar: 100% begrip, verder onderzoek via andere media, zoals website.

– Avontuurlijke fictie, vermengd met feiten uit de Egyptische Oudheid.
– Magische objecten uit het verhaal zijn in het echt te zien in het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden (Leiden).
– Speurtocht door de Egyptische afdeling van het Rijksmuseum van Oudheden.

– Een geïntegreerde woordenboek functie waarin de lezer ondersteund wordt in het begrijpen van de tekst. Het woordenboek kan ook apart bekeken worden.

– Voorgelezen door acteur (aan/ uit).
– Unieke achtergrondgeluiden (aan/uit).

– Hoge kwaliteit van het artwork geïllustreerd door Sander Kessels.
– Interactief ontwerp en volledig geanimeerd.

– Nederlands

iPad versie
Download de iPad versie van Amon & Amara als je meer spellen wil spelen en het verhaal zelf wil inspreken!

Download it here it is (now) free!

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer

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2011 Golden Geek award winner (Best Mobile/Handheld Game)
Pocket Gamer Bronze Award 2011
Dice Tower Awards Awards: Best Digital Boardgame
iOS Boardgames Blog
iOS Board Game of the Year -2011
iPad Boardgame of the Year – 2011
Best Interface and Graphic Design – 2011 Best Online Multiplayer – 2011

Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer, is the first officially licensed deck building card game for iOS. Play alone or with friends to battle against the Fallen One for honor and victory. Conceived and designed by three Magic: the Gathering tournament champions, Ascension will provide hours of engaging and strategic game play for enthusiast and experienced gamers alike.

•Universal Application: Play on iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch 3, or iPod Touch for a single low price.
•1st officially licensed deck building game for iPhone and iPad.
•Over 50 beautifully detailed cards, hand drawn by Eric Sabee.
•Full asynchronous support for multiplayer online games.
•Play against multiple A.I. opponents using varied strategies.
•Introductory tutorial to teach you how to play.
•Enhanced visual optimization for iPhone 4 and iPad using high resolution graphics designed for the retina display

Also by Playdek,
Agricola; Food Fight iOS; Fluxx; Can’t Stop; Summoner Wars; Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs Evil; Nightfall

Download it here it is (now) free!

Aanbieding Pro

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Aanbieding Pro is vandaag gratis in verband met de AppEvent actie! Download de gratis AppEvent-app en mis nooit meer een gratis app of bezoek Appevent voor meer gratis apps de komende dagen.

Bespaar op je boodschappen met Aanbieding Pro!

De #1 aanbiedingen app van Nederland.

Elke dag alle supermarkt aanbiedingen op één rij. Niet alleen de Bonusaanbiedingen van Albert Heijn maar ook de Dagklappers van Jumbo en de Weekacties van C1000. Naast het bekende overzicht van aanbiedingen biedt de app een reeks aan handige functies voor tijdens het doen van de boodschappen.

Belangrijkste voordelen

1. Handig overzicht van alle dagelijkse aanbiedingen binnen de 18 grootste supermarkten in Nederland: Albert Heijn, ALDI, Boni, DEEN, Dekamarkt, C1000, COOP, Dirk/Bas/Digros, EMTE, Hoogvliet, Jan Linders, JUMBO supermarkten, Lidl, Nettorama, PLUS, Poiesz, SPAR en Vomar. NIEUW: zet supermarkten aan en uit.

2. Maak snel en simpel een boodschappenlijstje met de nieuwe swipe functies.

3. Stel je eigen snelzoekknoppen in om extra snel te zoeken naar je favoriete aanbiedingen.

4. Houd bij hoeveel je precies bespaart op de boodschappen. NIEUW: zie hoeveel je bespaart op je boodschappenlijstje.

5. Zie alle locaties en openingstijden van alle supermarkten in Nederland.

6. Voeg producten toe aan je boodschappenlijstje. Kies uit ruim 10,000 artikelen uit Nederlandse supermarkten.

Meer weten?


Voor vragen stuur een mail naar [email protected] of neem contact op met het contact formulier in de app

Download it here it is (now) free!