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Stella and Sam Story Pack

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Colour the wings of a butterfly, sing along with the songbirds, and trace pictures in the clouds.

Make pictures in the snow, decorate a snowman and discover what’s hidden under the snow.

Draw paintings with Fred, dig through the leaves looking for treasures and race pinecones across Puddle Lake.

Look for bugs in the tent, discover constellations among the stars and learn about shapes with the fireflies.

Pop musical bubbles, collect dandelions and build a bridge out of flowers.

The Stella and Sam Apps are based on the television show and the bestselling picture book series by Marie-Louise Gay. Stella and Sam books have been translated into fifteen languages. They have sold over one million copies and are loved by children all over the world.

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Evomail is modern mobile email. Designed with three guiding philosophies of being beautiful, frictionless and simple, we’re bringing a refreshed mail experience and evolving the way you use email on the go! A few quick highlights:

* Quick access to archive, trash, and labels gives you the ability to quickly triage your email throughout the day as it comes in, instead of having to wait until you’re back at your desktop.

* In the car and forgot to write down an address? Use Evomail’s built-in “full” Gmail search to quickly search all of your email in Gmail.

* Get an email that you just can’t stop laughing about? Publicly share it on Twitter, Facebook or anywhere on the web!

* Are you one of those people that has to know when a new message comes in? Never miss a message with built-in push notifications.

* Someone replied to an email from awhile back? View the entire history of your conversation, not just the most recent message or two.

Currently Evomail only supports Gmail accounts with additional support coming later.

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Souls TCG

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Dive into the universe of Souls with this card game…
Fight countless creatures and defeat the bosses of the four Elemental worlds in Adventure mode…
Use the Elements in your favor, capture the enemy’s cards by choosing yours carefully.
Let your strategy evolve as you gain ever more powerful cards.

– Adventure mode
– Free Play
– Survival
– Achievements
– 3 levels of difficulty
– localized in EN and FR

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JSRef is the missing quick offline reference for the web- and webapp-developer. It contains the current CSS3, ECMA (JavaScript Language Specification), DOM and Canvas API documentation.

JSRef comes with a system wide service “Lookup in JSRef”, that integrates into your system and lets you look up the API entry from within any application (e.g. your HTML editor or Safari). And the lookup is scriptable with AppleScript, so you can easily integrate the lookup into your custom workflow. An example AppleScript and Alfred extension for Alfred Power-Users is included.

You can copy syntax snippets or drag the entries into your text editor.

JSRef also contains the WebKit console, so you can try out the syntax right in the JavaScript console (right-click and select “Inspect Element”).

The content has been sourced from the MDN Wiki and was edited for JSRef. Though everything has been carefully checked, there is no guarantee about the correctness of the provided information. Each entry also contains generated links to caniuse, stackoverflow and a general web search to speed up your research.

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Rebirth of Fortune 2

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Rebirth of Fortune 2, is the 4th story of the Fortune Chronicle Episode and the official sequel to the 2009 release of SRPG Rebirth of Fortune.

Newly revived with a more extensive volume, cool improved graphics, and utterly more unstoppable fun than the original.

As the story continues from Rebirth of Fortune, Sorcerer of Fortune, Defense of Fortune, experience a highly interesting storyline, full of Fortune world’s Magic and Ether.

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