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Professional grade Mac Locking App – use a Bluetooth device (with optional proximity), a USB device, a hotkey or your Apple Remote to lock (and optionally also unlock) your Mac. Check out for demos and more info!

Main Features:
Lock on USB Device removal.
Lock on Bluetooth Device disconnect.
Lock on Bluetooth device minimum signal strength (OSx Lion)
Lock with a hotkey.
Lock with your Apple IR Remote
Lock by clicking the TokenLock dock icon.
Lock by selecting Lock from status bar menu.
Unlock screen saver on return of USB Device
Unlock screen saver on return of BlueTooth Device
Unlock with your Apple IR Remote
Disable locking for a predefined amount of time.
Growl support for status messages.
Sleep Aware: When the computer sleeps, this causes USB disconnections. TokenLock is smart enough to realize this and avoids “Double locking” your computer when the USB device you choose has not re-initialized yet after sleep mode.
Security information area to help you understand security risks and options as you configure them.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Zombie! Run for Your Lives!

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The ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawppopular ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpboard ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpgame ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpZombie! ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpRun ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpfor ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpyour ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawplives! ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpis ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpnow ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpavailable ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpon ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpyour ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpiPad ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpand ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpiPhone!
✭✭✭ ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpAnimated ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpcards!
✭✭✭ ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpThree ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpgame ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpmodes: ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpsingle-player, ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawponline ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpand ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpmultiplayer ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpgame ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpon ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpone ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpdevice!
✭✭✭ ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpLarge ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpnumber ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpof ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpplayers ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawp– ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpup ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpto ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawp8 ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawppeople!
✭✭✭ ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpAbility ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpto ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpset ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpthe ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpgame ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawppace ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpto ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpmake ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpthe ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpgameplay ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpmore ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpexciting!

Free ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpfor ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpa ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawplimited ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawptime, ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpget ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawpit ?at=1l3vawp&at=1l3vawphere!

League of Heroes™ Premium

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Help the villagers of Frognest! Join your friends on Facebook to the League of Heroes and become a true hero!
From the creators of critically-acclaimed Monster Shooter!

Hack your way through unlimited areas in the forest of Frognest.

Choose the best strategy to fight enemies and customize your character with countless armor options and weapons.

Gather experience and silver, find treasures, and unlock tons of unique items, including magic.

Complete over 60 quests, earn silver coins, and receive a higher ranking.

Enjoy spectacular-looking 2D visuals with top-notch animations.

Play the game and enjoy several weather and time effects based on real weather in your location. You will experience heavy rain with thunder, cloudiness, fogs, night time, etc.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

iMediaShare – Video on TV

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Any time, any place, any screen – with iMediaShare in your pocket watch favourite videos, photos and music anywhere you happen to be, easily switching across to the screen size of your choice – phone, tablet or TV.

A great selection to pick from – have fun with YouTube and Vimeo, stay informed with CBSNews or CNBC, laugh with Break, learn with Discovery or simply relax with family and friends, and the videos of happy times together.

Share with friends and family – stream personal and online videos, photos and music to a large screen TV nearby – so that everyone can see.

Advantages over iMediaShare Lite:
✦ More online video channels in HD
✦ Ad-free experience

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Mama Apps

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Met de Mama Apps iPad App kunnen mama’s (to be) 24/7 gegevens bijhouden en informatie raadplegen rondom zwanger worden, zwangerschap, kraamtijd, baby’s en kinderen. Het unieke van is de combinatie van iPad App én website met een compleet overzicht van 35 apps in 1.

Download hier!

SQLite Professional

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✓ Version integration. Mucked your database? Rollback to a previous version.
✓ Semiautomatic dependency resolution.
✓ Column reordering.
✓ Export your data to csv, mysql, xml or json.
✓ Fullscreen support.
✓ Inline filters allowing you to customize the way your data is displayed.

If you have any issues with this application, please see our support forum: or send us a message on Twitter: @SQLitePro.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

New York Subway

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New York Subway for iPhone and iPod Touch is a comprehensive guide to traveling through New York City (NYC).

● Latest map of New York City Transit. Landscape and portrait modes are available. Detailed map of each line.
● Optimized for iPhone 5 big screen. Works on all iPhone versions.
● Precise location of each station on the map (with a red circle). This application is fully compatible with Apple Maps, each station is represented by a red pin, a popup shows you the distance, and it’s updated live (thanks to GPS) as you walk down the streets of NYC.
● The journey planner tool allows you to find automatically the best route to get to your destination in NYC Subway. Interactive map to choose your stations for the route. The journey planner does not require a network connection to operate, it works perfectly while in the subway.
● A bookmark manager allows you to save your favorite stations and routes.
● The application locates the nearest subway stations from your position in NYC. You can also provide an address in NYC, the application indicates the stations closest to that address.
● New York City Transit Service Status (Live travel news) are available.
● You can add new Point of Interest (POI) databases to New York Subway application through an in-app purchase. These options allow you to activate Fast Food POI, Restaurants POI, Coffee, Pastry & Ice Cream POI, Leisure POI and Accommodation POI in NYC. You will be able to locate all nearby POI on Apple Maps.
● This application is available in English, French, Spanish, German and Japanese.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Shadow Warrior

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Shadow Warrior for iOS, enhanced classic shooter from creators of Duke Nukem 3D (original PC version) – 3D Realms and from developers of Doomsday series (iOS) – General Arcade.

– 3 highly customizable control schemes
– 11 deadly weapons including katana, shurikens, uzi, rocket launcher and even enemy head
– dozens of settings and options including Retro Graphics mode and Voxels
– cheat menu
– amazing original soundtrack
– hordes of cruel enemies
– hilarious Lo Wang jokes
– drivable vehicles
– classic hardcore gameplay
– destructible environment
– more features coming soon with update
– Lo Wang rap
– bunnies!

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Fog of World

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Go around the world and remember everywhere you have been in your whole life journey!

Fog of World is a real-life game that you need to remove the fog on the map by exploring around the world. It’s a fantastic way to find out where you have and haven’t been in your lifetime.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

World Travelpedia – ALL-IN-ONE

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“World Travelpedia – All-in-One – Sights/Restaurants/Shopping/Nightlife” is an All-in-One Application, which cover 300+ COUNTRIES, 3000+ hot travel CITIES and 150,000+ hot Sights/Restaurants/Shopping/Nightlife places for travelers in the WORLD.

Free for a limited time, get it here!