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Jelly Cannon Reloaded

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The big Sunjelly has been shattered and it’s your job to put it back together. Bounce Blurblings across each world to squash the sun jelly segments back together in the latest great game from Chillingo and Nickelodeon!

This unique game will challenge your tapping accuracy and puzzle solving skills!

Jelly Cannon Reloaded is a blurbling bouncing blast that is fun for everyone! With 5 worlds each with 15 levels, and many unlockable levels, there’s countless hours of fun.

With different obstacles and environments to contend with you have to use your head to connect all the Sunjellies. Careful you don’t lose any!

Use Jelly magnet power when you’re stuck and unite those hard-to-reach Sunjellies!

Works great on all devices.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

PipeRoll Birds HD

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The newest member of the PipeRoll family has arrived with a totally novel game play, cute birds and loads of strategic possibilities.
Rotate the pipes and get as much liquid as possible to the eggs to have bigger and bigger birds hatched.
Three liquids, three colours, and three birds of various powers await you. They help you score points, play for time or overcome obstacles.
Don’t forget, the bigger the birds the more valuable or special bonuses you can get.
The birds are much more generous in pairs so try to find them a mate and let them fall in love in order to grant you super bonuses.

Free for a limited time, get it here!

DrawRace 2

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A unique, touch-based racing game developed by RedLynx, the creators of Trials HD, DrawRace 2: Racing Evolved is the groundbreaking sequel to the critically acclaimed DrawRace and improves on its predecessor in every way, from the inclusion of a new turbo button, a host of online options, and new, highly detailed 3D tracks.

Free for a limited time, both iPad and iPhone!

Hatchi – A retro virtual pet

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Hatchi is a retro-looking iPhone app sure to get the nostalgia burning for all those who cared for a virtual pet back in the 1990s when they were at the height of their popularity. Just as with the keychain-sized pets of the 90s, iPhone users now will feed, clean, play with and generally look after their pets to ensure they grow up to be healthy, happy little Hatchis. He needs YOU!

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Categories from I Can Do Apps

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Categorization is an important cognitive-linguistic skill. The ability to accurately categorize allows individuals to learn and access new vocabulary, increase expressive, receptive and reading skills. Categorizing helps individuals develop associations and connections between concepts. This interactive teaching tool can be used by parents, teachers, therapists and individuals to further develop listening skills, reading comprehension, identification of vocabulary, reasoning and problem solving skills.

-Teaching tool for speech, language and reading development
-Pictures of real objects
-Developed by a Speech Language Pathologist
-Option to hear question/sentence and answer options
-Random questions – no two sessions are alike
-Manually flip pages for teaching purposes
-Multiple levels with increasing difficulty
-Randomized auditory reinforcement

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Sheep Launcher 2

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The Martians are coming and Farmer Jett needs you to launch his sheep and chase them off his farm!

The much anticipated sequel to the original hugely popular Sheep Launcher is now available and running beautifully on the new iPhone5 in full Retina Display!

Explore an infinite universe with strange new worlds. Battle the massive Martian Overlord and his minion to earn the rights to space travel. Check out the new Style Shop and show off your cool new threads. Use home grown and advanced Martian tech to power up and go farther than ever before!

Sheep Launcher 2! We made him faster, stronger and better!!

Now free for a limited time, get it here!

Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Railway

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Now you can experience Thomas & Friends like never before! Read, watch, listen, and play with Thomas, Hiro, and all your favorite engines in this action-packed adventure. With multi-touch animation, CGI video, painting, puzzles, and games, Thomas & Friends: Hero of the Rails provides a unique immersive experience the whole family will enjoy!

After a race with Spencer lands Thomas in the bushes, he discovers Hiro, an abandoned engine from a far-away land. Once called Master of the Railway, Hiro is now rusty and broken. Thomas promises to help repair him, but quickly realizes that he can’t complete his usual jobs and help Hiro on his own. To make matters worse, nosy Spencer is close to figuring out that Thomas is up to something! Can Thomas and his friends pull together to help Hiro before it’s too late?

This thrilling app includes:
– Vibrant CGI animation
– Interactive multimedia surprises
– Dynamic narration
– Matching games
– Animated puzzles
– Painting activities

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Are you ready to rock? Guess song clips, then send challenges to your friends! Prove that you’re a true music master with SongPop, the FREE addictive music app that gets people grooving!

Play with songs by your favorite artists, explore new genres, and rediscover nostalgic classics with our fun quizzes!

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Puzzle Saga

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Select your hero and begin an epic journey through a unique match 3 experience with deep RPG elements!
Don’t miss this exciting new style of play!

–>Never-before-seen gameplay
–>Wonderful graphics and eye-catching visual effects
–>4 fantastic worlds with 13 enemy types
–>5 unique bosses
–>10 amazing heroes with 30 magic skills
–>40 levels
–>39 achievements worth 1,000 gamecenter points
–>Retina support
–>Universal app for use on all your iOS devices
–>More levels and monsters are coming!

Free for a limited time, get it here!

Lil’ Red – An Interactive Story

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A different kind of storytelling…

This interactive storybook is a unique interpretation of classic tale of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Everything is told exclusively through animation, music, and interactivity – so kids and parents can tell the story in their own way without the use of text or narration.

Navigate through lush environments filled with enchanting illustrations and memorable music… all made with thoughtful attention to detail. Young children will also delight in helping Lil’ Red discover tons of hidden surprises.

Free for a limited time, get it here!