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Mission Sirius HD

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Mission Sirius is like a motion picture and animation makes the whole game an action movie. You will have different choices at various scenes, only to find out in the end what the illusions and tests really mean. The latest video-audio technology used in the game ensures the fluency of the pictures. Even if a group of enemies appear out of nowhere, you will still be able to keep shooting smoothly.

What you will be dealing with is No Ordinary Army!

Maybe the lowest form of life has no brain and would only attack out of instinct. But when you are eager to find out the hidden secrets of Momoko, the real opponents–the mercenary troops, will show you who you will be dealing with. You make the tiniest mistakes in fight formation, teammate cover-ups or tactical strikes and you may be killed on Planet Momoko.

What exactly is Mission Sirius? The mystery is waiting for you to solve.

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Discovr People – discover new people on Twitter

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There are so many people on Twitter. How do you find interesting people to follow?

Discovr People makes it easy to explore the world of Twitter and discover new people that you’ll like. It’s an interactive map of everyone on Twitter. You can navigate through the entire Twitter ecosystem to discover new people and follow them easily.

* Explore the whole world of people on Twitter
* Check out their profile, tweets, connections, mentions, and more.
* Browse through Top Twitter lists, Featured lists, and your own lists
* Save people you discover to your own Twitter lists
* Share with your friends via Twitter, Facebook & Email

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Explore Vincent

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EXPLORE VINCENT vertelt het verhaal van Vincent van Gogh, één van ’s werelds beroemdste, maar meest onbegrepen kunstenaars.

Ervaar de dramatische momenten uit Vincents leven in 15 korte HD animatiefilms. Ontdek zelf hoe grensverleggende uitvindingen zijn wereld veranderden. Zie hoe meesters als Rembrandt, Frans Hals, Monet en Gauguin hem inspireerden. Volg de eerste stappen van Vincents kunstenaarschap en zie hoe hij zich ontwikkelt tot een vernieuwend meesterschilder. Test je kennis met spellen: bouw een stad in 1866 of richt je eigen expositie in.

Drama, geschiedenis en kunst in een rijke HD app met:
15 films met animaties over het leven van Vincent van Gogh.
6 educatieve spellen.
Vele schilderijen en tekeningen van Vincent van Gogh.

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Screen Record Pro

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Screen Record Pro is very useful to Demo your Software ,it support record sound.
Screen Record Pro provides all the elements needs to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software applications, can captured games screen ,PPT ,your image’s slideshow etc…
After recording have done, you can share with your parents, business partners or your friends and so on.

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OptimApps includes:

✔ OptimUSB (9,99€ – $11,99) – Best spanish app Award
► Removes SnowLeopard/Lion hidden files (.DS_Store, .Trashes…) from external drives. Now with antivirus!!!

✔ OneTrash (9,99€ – $11,99)
► Select which files individually to delete on System Trash.

✔ OptimPrefs (1,59€ – $1,99)
► Fast shortcuts to system functions (Wifi, Bluetooth..)

✔ cmdQuit (9,99€ – $11,99)
► Close all the open apps with one click.

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TTPlayer – The Cinema In My Pocket

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TTPlayer has different level of performances and functions than any other players that are currently available!!! Starting with stopless playback. It is like having your own cinema in your pocket. It directly plays video files through iPhone without any complicated process. It provides “Cinema ,Voice Boost ,Bass Boost” and many other audio effects. It makes watching videos more enjoyable. Simply and easily, files can be transfered. Using the finger gesture, you can skip or play faster.

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Serenity ~ the relaxation app

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Life can be chaotic and stressful.
Take a break and relax with Serenity,
a collection of beautiful, tranquil
destinations in your pocket.

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Armed and Gorgeous HD

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A thrilling hack ‘n’ slash-style game in which hoards of ignorant peasants, knights, and wizards wage war on a charming demoness in her own dungeon✨
Exciting original comics await you at the end of every level! And with Ragdoll physics, fantastic animation, and comics-style graphics, you’ll never be bored! Conquer all the levels, beat all the bosses, reach the village and get revenge, gathering 11 types of weaponry and a variety of costumes for your heroine on the way!

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Calculator for iPad HD

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Calculator for iPad HD provides you with all the features you expect from a calculator: do all the necessary operations in 2 incredible modes. The Basic mode is here to assist you with your everyday calculations and the Advanced mode will be of a great help in case you need to go scientific.

The features include:
* Amazing themes that will make your calculator look great every day
* Do Basic and Advanced calculations in two modes
* Swipe to remove numbers
* All you expect from a calculator (Degrees, Radians, Memory buttons)

Calculator for iPad HD is going to be your perfect assistant when you need a fully featured solution for your needs.

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Legendary Heroes

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Every War has its Heroes …
Some Heroes become Legends.

The greatest battle of all time has begun.
Heroes from all universes are invited to show their power and prove which is the best team!

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