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Cool Cities

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Cool Cities is the ideal companion for a weekend foray! It offers the kind of recommendations that you would like to get from a friend or an insider.

Cool Cities offers a clearly laid out and sophisticated selection of hotels, restaurants, cafés, shops and showrooms, bars, clubs and Lounges, cool spots, and highlights.

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Cool ViennaCool BarcelonaCool New York, Cool Rome, Cool LondonCool ParisCool Berlin and Cool Munich

Fantastic Knight

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A distant time, a distant land. Two fearless souls on two separate, intertwined adventures:
● Wenrick, the arrogant, young prince, betrayed, wandering the land trying to save his kingdom from treachery and avenge his lover’s death;
● Erien, the spirted, young rebel warrior, fighting against the corruption of the self-serving state, determined to make her uncle’s sacrifice meanigful.
These are the characters you will control in Fantastic Knight, a classic RPG action adventure. Each will let you see this epic tale from a different perspective. Each has their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Who will you take on your adventure?

Exciting action RPG, loved by reviewers and users alike; find out for yourself why Fantastic Knight is making waves.

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A charming zen puzzler that is sure to test your brain and capture your heart!

Quell has been critically-acclaimed for its 80+ levels of ingenious gameplay, gorgeous art style, and haunting soundtrack.

The objective is simple: slide a droplet around a layout of obstacles, traps and pathways, until you have collected all the pearls. Underneath this simple gameplay lies a world of intricacy!

Quell’s appeal lies in its gentle, soothing mood, which makes it a great way to unwind.

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Devil’s Quest

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Our story begins in the darkness…
A devil awakens, and a country’s king is possessed by nightmare. death and suffering consume the world.
Soulstone split into five and buried at distant ends of the earth, our devil wreaks havoc unopposed…
As days darken and fill with doom, our hero arrives…

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The Sims 3 World Adventures

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Take your Sims on thrilling adventures to world famous destinations! “Al Simhara,” Egypt… “Champs Les Sims,” France… “Shang SimLa,” China. Each exciting location is loaded with a world of possibilities for danger, adventure, and romance for your Sim.

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Screen Capture

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Screen Capture is software toolkit that lets you easily capture your screen actions flow as a movie on your Mac. You can select specific region to capture .It very easy to used.

Screen Capture is very useful to Demo your Software, include your iPhone App (using an iPhone simulator) games and desktop.
Screen Capture provides all the elements needed to create professional-looking product demonstrations of software applications, can captured games screen, iPhone simulator ,PPT ,your image’s slideshow etc….

After recording have done, you can share with your friends, business partners and so on.

This is a very interesting and useful tool, but so what, to download it while it’s still free!

Kingpin Pinball

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Become the Kingpin of Pinball in this fast action 2D comic book style pinball game. The game makes use of the iPad’s large screen space with a static view of the table so there’s never a confusing panning or zoomed in view of the ball. And for realism, we’ve included dozens of professionally recorded audio from actual pinball tables. You’ll feel like you own a real pinball table on your iPad.

There are 8 challenging achievements, with custom animations and sounds when you unlock each. Get a high score of 2 million points and you’ll unlock a slick black table design. If you’re skilled or lucky enough to unlock all 8 achievements in a single game, you’ll unlock a bonus red table style (something the development team hasn’t even done yet, but we keep trying!).

The physics are incredibly realistic and the gameplay is super fast for both iPad 1 and 2!

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Blood Fever

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Darko is a vegetarian vampire and nothing is more precious to him than his coffin. He just wanted to go out to get a little soy blood. Suddenly a bunch of zombies put a spoke in his wheel. Now he’s got his hands full keeping the endless number of zombies off his coffin.

In this vampire game you take control of the vampire Darko. Depending on the difficulty controlling is done in a different way. But you must always keep an eye on your blood supply.

The game is quite simple and can be immediately played. Still you will want to play it again and again …

Free for a limited time, to celebrate the birthday of the developer of this great game!

iBlast Moki 2

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In this new adventure, the Mokis will use the help of new gameplay elements such as the paint bombs and more crazy contraptions to reach the magic spiral.

– Explore 90 levels across 6 colorful worlds with more to come.
– Each location is packed with unique levels, using realistic physics and lots of different items to manipulate such as paint bombs, ropes, rising balloons, rotating wheels
– 6 beautiful and unique musics
– Beautiful Retina graphics

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The Three Little Pigs-Interactive Book-iBigToy

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Classic story in new multimedia form: realistically designed story book, with unique sound and animation. -redesigned pages with every detail inside.

This interactive audio book features:
• Stunning animation effect on each page.
• Revolutionary redesigned interactive animations. You can interact almost everything on the screen.
• Professional audio narration.
• Each page has special effects sound.

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