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Discovr Apps – discover new apps

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Simply search for an app that you like or choose from one of our featured apps. We’ll show you how the apps you choose are connected in a massive, never-ending map of the App Store, and we’ll give you great recommendations for other apps to download.

When you find an app you like you can read the app descriptions, check out the screenshots and ratings, or buy it directly from the App Store. You can also share your favorite apps and maps with your friends via Twitter, Facebook or email.

Start with one of your favorite apps and we’ll help you discover more great apps. Just start with something you like. Maybe it’s Flipboard, or Instagram, or Foursquare, or Angry Birds, or any other app. We’ll recommend something good for you.

Discovr Apps was developed by Australian startup Filter Squad – the team that brought you Discovr Music. Discovr Music is a Number 1 app in 28 countries and has been featured multiple times in the App Store: App of the Week, New & Noteworthy, App Store Essentials, and What’s Hot. More:

As well as the Filter Squad team, there are people all over the world that are helping to make Discovr Apps better every day. You can be part of this team too. If you find an app or app connection that’s missing from Discovr Apps just tell us what you’d like to see and we’ll add it in. Your ideas will make the recommendations better for everyone.

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We know you are busy. You need a simple, powerful tool that you can customize to how you work. Track the important things, track everything, with TallyZoo.

TallyZoo is the ONLY Personal Information Platform that combines a native iPhone app and website.

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Mr. Wiener is a simple yet addictive puzzle game. You’re hungry, you want a wiener, and it’s stuck behind the other food items in the fridge. Slide the other food items out of the way to get your wiener. Try your wiener retrieval skills with over 400 different configurations. The first 50 are free in the lite version.

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The new Olympic sport comes in your pocket: flex your finger and fly Gugl to the clouds!

Also enjoy Gugl in his famous game: Smack that Gugl, hours of crazyness and fun!

Gugl loves to get high in the sky so he started a new career as a rocket and wants you to throw him like crazy.
Grab him, take some momentum and throw him as far as you can.
Go through clouds to fill him up with air and gain extra speed as you deflate him; aim for the red bumpers to rebound even more.
Challenge your friends or compete for the world record: three, two, one, go… and get silly!

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Tomb Slider

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Escape dozens of ancient tombs in this brain-busting puzzle game! Clear the path between the hero and the exit with a few swipes of your finger and enjoy eye-popping artwork that jumps off your mobile screen.

Using your keen intellect to figure out how to move the rocks that block the exit, help an Incan warrior escape hundreds of cleverly designed levels on his quest to reach the surface. The journey might not be easy, but it will be supremely satisfying! Whether you enjoy mind-melting challenges or an easy, breezy experience, Tomb Slider will provide hours of fun and addictive gameplay, so start the adventure today!

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Greeting to you! You are looking at the right app which can bring you happiness to you and your family!

The features of this app are:
1.Collectible pictures of most beautiful PANDA in the world.
2.This application is Easy to Use.
3.You can save the picture in you iPhone or iPad, and share the pictures with your friends.

We hope you and your family love and enjoy all beautiful panda!

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Emoji (HD)

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Emoji-Keyboard for your iPhone and iPad.

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Balloon Animals 3D

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With this App, learn to make the famous BALLOON DOG (very easy) a BALLOON SWORD, (careful, it’s sharp!) and a Balloon Bunny Rabbit, (careful it’s cute!), and other surprises all for FREE.

The instructions are animated in 3D, so you can rotate and zoom the models.

The app also has instructions for twisting a Parrot, Giraffe, Cat, Teddy Bear, Monkey, Motorcycle and Flower available as In-App Purchases.

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Antrim Escape 1 HD

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After falling from a tree, Ryan woke up in a strange room. Help him escape the room and discover the secret of Antrim Castle!

Antrim Escape is a room escape game. The objective of the game is to find, combine and use designated items to solve puzzles and eventually find the exit of the room. In order to succeed the game, you have to comprehend on the functionality of iphone (multi-touch, accelerometer…etc). With its realistic graphics, enticing storyline, intellect puzzles, and intuitive controls, it is a brand new experience to your previously played room escape games!

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Boxed In-HD

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Boxed In HD for the iPad has finally arrived!

MILLIONS of people have enjoyed the Boxed In games for the iPhone and iPod touch. Now, iPad users get to experience all 150 mind-bending puzzles from all 3 Boxed In games, redesigned specifically for the iPad and now with Game Center integration.

Boxed In HD is a puzzle game in which you guide a robot through each level with your finger. The challenge comes from the boxes obstructing your path. Push boxes in the correct order to reach a level’s end. Be careful! You can’t pull boxes and you can’t push boxes if something is on the other side of them. Extra puzzle elements come into play by pushing boxes on to floor switches to deactivate force fields allowing you to pass through them and progress. Sound simple? =) … It gets tough! Real tough!

For the first time ever the Boxed In games now have Game Center integration. You can now see where you rank in each individual Boxed In game, climb ranks, and unlock achievements.

Boxed In was featured in Becket’s Guide to Phone Apps magazine as a top 20 mobile game scoring 5 out of 5 stars. “This game will improve the way your brain thinks.” Here’s your 150 chances to find out why.

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