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Cinch gives you simple, mouse or trackpad-driven window management by defining the left, right, and top edges of your screen as ‘hot zones’. Drag a window until the cursor enters one of these zones then drop the window to have it cinch into place. Cinching to the left or right edges of the screen will resize the window to fill exactly half the screen, allowing you to easily compare two windows side-by-side (splitscreen). Cinching to the top edge of the screen will resize the window to fill the entire screen (fullscreen). Dragging a window away from its cinched position will restore the window to its original size.

Looking for something a bit more flexible? Need more options for arranging and sizing your windows? Do you prefer using keyboard shortcuts instead of using the mouse (trackpad)? Check out Divvy on the App Store! It’s a perfect companion for Cinch! We use Divvy here at Irradiated Software alongside Cinch. It’s perfect for those times you need extra configurability.

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Soccer Stealers Reloaded HD

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Gamegou’s 3rd installment of Soccer Stealers is back! A perfect 3D game for iPad2 and also works wonderfully on the original iPad.

Soccer fans around the world REJOICE! Your favourite casual soccer game is back with a vengeance! Soccer Stealers: Reloaded is packed with loads of new goodies to collect and an amazing array of wacky power-ups. How many medals can you collect while avoiding those pesky referees? Will you make full use of those special winged cleets and tornado flags? Can you dice enough watermelons to sabotage bad cops, aliens from mars, and an entire company of reckless referees? You won’t know until you try it out, but we guarantee that Soccer Stealers Reloaded is sure to get your fingers tappin and heart thumping.

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Used to having a second display for your Windows desktop? Put your iPad to work. Get the first DisplayLink iPad monitor companion app from the leader in multi-display productivity. DisplayLink has shipped millions of networked multi-display solutions through top tier partners such as HP, Toshiba, Samsung and others.
The DisplayLink app wirelessly turns your iPad into an extended desktop display, improving your productivity by freeing up desktop space on your notebook or desktop computer.

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Pig Rockets

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Camigo Media, developer of the hit game MeWantBamboo with 2.5 million downloads, is proud to release Pig Rockets, a hilariously addictive game that combines a puzzle game with a tower-defense game to deliver a unique, exciting and challenging gaming experience.

Your objective is to defend your house from waves of crazy Pig Rockets who are out to destroy everything that you own! Use blocks, ice bombs, hammers and other fun power ups to keep the Pig Rockets away. You will find your eyes and fingers glued to the screen so get comfortable and get ready to kill those Pig Rockets!

What is a Pig Rocket you ask? Download the game NOW to find out! Free only for a limited time!

Window Keys

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– Move & resize windows and they glide smoothly across the screen.**
– Move a window and it snaps into alignment, making it easy to neatly arrange your screen.**
– Jump windows directly to screen edges filling half or quarter of the screen.
– Shortcuts to instantly Maximize, Center & More!

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WindowFlow gives you an alternative way of switching between application windows.
Using the option-tab keyboard command you can quickly browse your list of open windows, seeing the Space the window is in and a preview of the window contents.

For many this is a quicker way of switching windows than using command-tab or Exposé.

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SharePlay allows you to play and manage frequently viewed video streams and podcasts on your Mac. It natively supports external screens (including video projectors) and automated, fullscreen playback.

Here’s how it works: enter URLs to popular video podcasts, such as cable news programs. SharePlay will grab the most recent available program and play it. Build up a playlist of your favorite podcasts and watch them on your projector or external display!

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App Frames & Shelves

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Cool frame/shelf wallpapers for iPhone & iPod touch.

More than 100 frame/shelf wallpapers, update regularlly!

– Retina display for iPhone 4
– Preview app icons

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Unpleasant Horse

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Unpleasant Horse is the result of PopCap’s first game jam event, where employees formed small teams, chose a randomly generated name from a hat, and attempted to make a complete game in 24 hours. The name this team drew was “Unpleasant Horse Racing in the Sky”, and off they flew! It took a few more weeks to finish it up and apply some polish, but what you see here is essentially the game that they made during the game jam. We hope you enjoy it.

Game description:

The good news is that you are a horse with wings. Nobody doesn’t like those! The bad news is that you are a, well, rather unpleasant horse with wings. How unpleasant? Glad you asked. Get this: Your idea of a good time is bouncing from cloud to cloud and on to the backs of other, cuter flying ponies, who will thus be sent plummeting to a gruesome, bone-chewing demise, thanks to an unfortunately placed series of meat grinders on the ground below. (Really kind of a tragedy of civil engineering.) All is well and good for you, though—unless you happen to miss a cloud or pony, and then, guess what? Those meat grinders don’t play favorites. So keep those wings flapping, don’t miss a jump, and keep a lookout for cool powerups to keep you flying longer and higher!

PopCap games are for everyone. 4th & Battery games? Maybe not. 4th & Battery is where we get to try out smaller, stranger, edgier game ideas. Expect fun and occasional weirdness. Welcome to the sandbox!

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Build the longest path, starting from a precious panda in the center! Make your score the highest possible to feel pandalicious! Relax and forget about everything in the magic atmosphere of the quiet bamboo forest!

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