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Meet Mr. Pig, a virtual friend who can talk, fight, dance, and repeat what you say!

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Store detailed information on gadgets, sports equipment, tools, kid’s toys, appliances – anything of value to you, all at your fingertips.

Special offer: FREE! Be quick! An easy way to keep track of all your favorite gear!
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This is the new most addictive revolutionary puzzle game! Combining the best features of classic games, a challenging new unique game has been created!

In Tetris-style different bars fall down that you quickly need to place on a board! In a sudoky-style you need to match the numbers and place them correctly! Then in a Dots-style, whole squares or even double squares explode when you fully connect them, giving you extra lives if done right!
In short, all the best classic games combined into one awesome puzzle game!

Not only is this game highly addictive, you’ll also quickly see a vast improvement in your math skills! Adding, multiplication, whatever! You’ll dream those combinations when you’ve played this game for just a while.

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Luna Story Special

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There is a boy at the corner of a village which is located in a blue moonlit valley in the southeastern part of Alchimia, known as the birthplace of the legend Shangr-La civilization.

The boy, Ray, falls asleep at the blue moonlit valley and dreams of a mystical unicorn figure. Then he comes back to his village and finds that his father, Baron, fell at the hand of Fuzzy Navel soldiers.

Baron leaves a will to keep his and colleague’s study for old Shangri-La civilization. Ray starts to travel to find five Elixirs without knowing his dreams. During the travel, Ray meets lots of Bohemians who are persecuted by Fuzzy Navel and he learns humors and calmness from the Bohemians. Ray realizes the harmony of Mother Nature in order to get the five Elixirs Luna mentioned before and finally finds the Utopia many people really want. But Ray seriously worries what he really wants…

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Knight’s Odyssey

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the forces of evil have invaded what was once a peaceful kingdom. you, valiant knight, are all that stands between these godless malefactors and your kingdom’s people.

hack your way through the sinister traps that have been set out to stop you, and defeat the formidable monsters which await you at the end of every battle.

the might of magic is on your side, use it wisely…

HelTweetica for Mac Twitter

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A clean and modern take on the Twitter client app.

Read, fave, retweet, @-reply, and direct message tweets. Retweet in both the old style and the new style. Use multiple Twitter accounts. Read tweets from your lists and list subscriptions. Search twitter, save your searches, and reload saved searches. Open a User Page to see someone’s latest tweets and favorites. Tap on the tweet’s time or reply-to to show The Conversation, which shows the chain of replies.

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Trenches Free for All

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All the action, none of the price!

Trenches: Free For All is a fully functional game, with all the bells and whistles included in the original Trenches, but supported by in-game ads to allow players to download this for free!

It’s Europe 1914 and the world powers have descended into world war. Your troops need a leader at this their most desperate hour. Could you be that leader? Put on your boots and take to the mud and trenches of Western Europe during World War I.

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The match and memory game designed to make mathematics appear much more entertaining to the young (and to the grown-ups) than they ever would have thought. Thanks to HippopoMath children will learn how to count while playing. They will also be able to review addition, subtraction and even multiplication basics without getting bored. HippopoMath is also suited to you if your memory is fading or you are a lifelong mathematic allergic.

Welcomed and guided by unruly Professor Hippopo you will have a choice of four different levels adapted to the knowledge of your child:
1. BabyHippo level: a standard match memory game.
2. LittleHippo level: aimed overall at toddlers learning how to count (but nothing should stop the older ones to check their knowledge and test their memory!) this level will require them to pair a square containing a quantity of objects (between 1 and 10) with the corresponding figure in another square.
3. MidHippo level: 2+2= ?, you will need to know the answer to be able to pair your squares at this level. Squares containing a quantity of objects (between 1 and 10) are to be paired with basic additions.
4. ClassyHippo level: this level will require you to perform additions and subtractions in a square before pairing it with another square containing a number of objects (between 1 and 10).
5. GeniusHippo level: if the previous levels were too easy for you, this one is for you. This time you will need not only to know how to add and subtract but also to multiply and this with numbers of up to one hundred.

Finally, if you have doubts about your knowledge, cannot remember how much 2+2 make or do not know how to count with your fingers, Professor Hippopo offers you his little classes. You will find in them addition and multiplication tables together with a “how to count with your fingers” class. You will find also some exercices to test your math skills.

So, count to three and…..have fun!
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Where’s Jesus HD

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Jesus is missing!

Where’s Jesus? Help find Him now!

People are on a relentless search to find Jesus and now it is easier than ever to find Him!

Get this fun, light hearted game now and you’ll enjoy hours of fun when you search for;

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Picturebook: The Cat that wouldn’t move

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A complete package of interactive storytelling, this is a beautiful book featuring illustrations that contain a great many things to discover and humorous rhyming text. Watch and listen what happens, and tap the highlighted figures to see and hear even more! ‘De Kat die niet van de bank af wilde’ is written and illustrated by Iris Boter and produced by Orange Books.

Ed and Liesje’s cat is always on the couch and never wants to get off. No matter how much Ed and Liesje beg or plead, no matter what they try, the cat ignores them entirely. At the end of his rope, Ed finally decides to buy a new couch. He takes the old one to the thrift store, cat and all. But soon it becomes apparent that the atmosphere of the house has greatly declined without a cat around. They want him back!

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