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SolitaireTwist Premium

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“Solitaire Twist” from iWin is a new take on an old favorite. The game ships with solitaire games including “Klondike”, “Pyramid”, “Freecell”, and “Spider”, some with variations. But what makes this a TWIST is that we have added “Cheat Tokens” and Wild Cards that give the player the unique opportunity to work their way through the most challenging of game situations without the restrictions of having just the hand you are dealt.

You’re in control! You can choose to experiment with up to 12 “Cheat Tokens” and 3 Wild Cards.

Of course, nothing comes for free…We’ll give you one Wild Card to start, but you’ll have to earn the rest of the goodies on your own ; )

Free for a limited time, get it now

Fly Control HD

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Fly Control is back on iPad with a new happy, sunny, shiny look, new species to play with, new maps, a multiplayer mode and lots of battle items to make your game more exciting. However, the basics of the game remain the same: feed pests while avoiding encounters between them. Crush bugs to turn them into temporary sources of food.

Explore the depths of a cosy little swamp and feed some flies to the carnivorous plants, or play on the porch at night and zap some pests with a cool, but faulty electric fly zapper.

If you played enough with flies, try feeding butterflies and wasps.

Apply refilling battle items in game in both multiplayer and single player modes.
Too many pests are coming? Use the smoking Pest Repellent item!
Too many pests are on screen? Don’t panic, use the Swatter or the Pest Spray!
Everything is too fast for you? Apply the Slow Motion item to make your task easier!
In multiplayer mode you can also apply some curse items to make your opponent’s game more difficult. Try out the super cool Party Set item or the ruthless Cover curse item.

By feeding pests and crushing bugs you can earn coins that can be turned into gems (1000 coins worth a gem). Visit the in game shop to spend your gems on cool, must have items and give a big boost to your game experience. If you want more gems, you can purchase gem packs in the ‘in app purchase’ section of the shop.

Free for a limited time, get it here

Lyrics World

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You can look up Lyrics World of any song on your iPhone/iPod play list in notime. It’s VERY easy to use. You just need to launch “Lyrics World” and play any song you want to listen to. You can listen to a song and read Lyrics World at the same time. Also, there is no limit of songs to add as long as it’s on your playlist.

You can watch any music videos related to your results on Youtube. Once you play the movie clip, your song on your iPod or iPhone will stop. Once the movie clip is over, the screen will come back to “Lyrics World”. Enjoy Youtube clips while you search for lyrics!

Free for a limited time!
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The In Your Pocket series of guide booklets have turned out to be highly useful in avoiding tourist traps and other travel hazards.

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ScreenHopBob is a unique multiplayer gimmick. ScreenHopBob loves to hop to another iPhone (iPod touch) and look around, annoy someone or play a game. Make ScreenHopBob hop to another iPhone (iPod touch) and play with two Bob’s: with a buddy it’s double the fun! The game supports multiplayer through Bluetooth (highly recommended, 2nd generation iPhone/iPod and up) and WiFi (1st generation iPhone/iPod).

Free for a limited time, get it now

Neander Block

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it is a time of opportunity for your fledgling tribe. resources are abundant, but time is scarce and competition from rivals is fierce. gather the supplies you need to expand your village and establish a foothold in new territory!

use quick thinking, logic, and even a little bit of magic to overcome the obstacles in your way! the future of the neander tribe rests in your hands!

In collaboration with OpenFeint’s Free Game of the Day, Neander Block is Free for TODAY only.
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This is a complete new approach to puzzling in the App Store.

Drag hexagon shaped tiles around with your finger until the amount of tiles touching it equals the number on each tile. Every move gives you a point, the goal is to finish each level with as little points as possible.

– 120 well-balanced levels in 3 difficulties.
– 40 Time Trial levels, puzzle against the clock.
– Endless Quick Games.
– Play your own music on the background.

You can play Hexgame for 30 seconds or 30 minutes because of the wide range of difficulty between the levels.

Free today only, so get it now!
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BlueTooth Mania

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BlueTooth Mania is the greatest arrangement of the best Bluetooth utility applications for your iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch.

It features:
* Walkie Talkie
The most attractive attribute of this application helps you to:
– Turn your device into a walkie talkie very easily.
– Talk with your friends for unlimited time within the Bluetooth coverage.
– Hold the conversation when you need.

* Photo share
This option gives you the opportunity to:
– Share unlimited Photos/Images with your friend’s device
– Receive any Photos/Images from others.
– Save Photos/Images into photo album.

The most entertaining option makes you easy to:
– Become funny and Prankster with your friends!
– Astonish your friends with various funny fart sounds.
– Make him victim by selecting the funny fart sound which he/she will listen in their own device!

* Easy Chat
By selecting another best option of this application, you can:
– Chat very easily with friends from your devices
– Use emoji in your chatting.
– Send or receive images also with chatting functions.

Contact Share
Get in touch with your friends by choosing Contact Share option. You can also:
– Share any contact from your iPhone to your friend’s iPhone instantly.
– Save it to your contact list.

Get it here, it’s completely free!


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Met de maan roos vis letterlegger kunnen kinderen spelenderwijs woorden leggen. Deze app is zeer geschikt voor kinderen die interesse tonen voor letters en woorden en voor beginnende lezers.

De producten van maan roos vis sluiten aan bij het leesonderwijs in groep 3 (Nederland) en leerjaar 1 (Vlaanderen).

Download hier, geheel gratis!

Annoying Fruit

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Talk to these annoying fruit and they repeat what you say with funny voices! Poke them, tickle them, and shake them to see what crazy reactions they have!

Notes: Free version only contains the orange, upgrade to get lemon, apple, and pear! Use of this app on an iPod Touch requires headphones with a microphone.

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