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Iced In

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Iced In is a follow up to the widely popular Boxed In & Boxed In 2 games for the iPhone & iPod touch that have been enjoyed by millions of people.

The object of the game is simple. Free the penguin from its cage in each level. To free the penguin push ice blocks onto each big red switch. All switches must simultaneously have an ice block resting on it to open the cage and pass the level.

Be careful! Once you push a block of ice it doesn’t stop until it hits something and cracked pieces of ice can only be touched three times before it breaks completely!

Sound easy? It gets tough! Real tough! Iced In will provide many hours of gameplay.

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LadyBug Attack HD

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Chase and catch those yucky little aphids! The LadyBug wants to get them all, and you’re in control – tilt and shake your iPad to make the LadyBug move through the air and on the ground. A fun, easy and child-friendly game that’s bound to keep the entire family hooked!

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Count Sheep HD

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So you’ve memorized how many tiles and cracks you have in your ceiling and you’re laying there in bed trying to fall asleep. Enter Count Sheep HD – a simple, sleek little sheep counting app that lets anyone young or old, from toddler to senior or in between to pass the time while trying to fall asleep by using their iPad to count some sheep! One by one, the sheep float smoothly over the wooden fence. It sure beats staring at the ceiling.

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Prince of Persia® Retro

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For the first time on iPhone, relive the classic adventure that started it all!

A wicked Vizier has given the Sultan’s daughter a horrible ultimatum: accept to marry him in 60 minutes, or die. You have been imprisoned in the lowest dungeons beneath the palace, and must now race against the sands of the hourglass in an effort to save your true love. Negotiate fiendish traps, engage in trilling swordplay and use death-defying acrobatics to make your way through one of the most celebrated and influential video games of all time.

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Twin Blades

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TwinBlades is a frantic shooter game set in a medieval era with unique manga-like graphics.
Help the nun defeat evil with some heavy zombie-killing action across multiple environments, venture through the city market, the cemetary, a chapel in ruins and the city’s outskirts to purge the town of all its living-dead inhabitants.

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Woolly Factory

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Join Woolly, a lovely grandma, in her sewing shop. Fascinated in this domain, she realizes a multitude of different creations to answer commands. Help her to sort them in order to forward them as soon as possible. The original universe of her workshop takes you in a cute and charming environment.

A captivating puzzle game:
In a limited time, you must associate the creations of Woolly per set of 3, by swapping them. Accumulate combos and multiply your points to fulfill your goals and level up. The levels are punctuated by the variety of different creations and presence of special mechanisms.

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Baby Memory Cue HD

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Baby Memory Cue HD is an adorably-cute version of the well-loved, classic game of memory. For those new to the game, playing this is easy! All you have to do is to absorb as many images as you can and as the game officially starts, flip two identical tiles in succession till you can proceed to the next level.

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Plantastic! is a blooming marvellous combination of puzzle and strategy game. Create bouquets from groups of brightly colored flowers to clear them from the garden and achieve the bloom target! Five play modes, each with different planting patterns, will keep you challenged as blooms can only be placed near your last flower in the pattern shown. Blooms drop into the queue and you must plant them in the garden before the queue fills up!

Plantastic! begins as a simple fun game, but add more complex flower arrangements, and a range of different bloom colors as you progress, and the challenge increases. Avoid the mushrooms that block your path, and stop Mr Mole from stealing your flowers by tapping him on the head! Flower power-ups like the Super Trowel and Joker Flowers help boost your points total!

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Alien Escape

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An alien family’s craft crashed on the earth. Help our father alien protect his babies and fight a way home! See how many waves you can stand!

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Crazy Hamster

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The winter is coming. Crazy hamster forgot to store his supplies. Now he has to visit different lands before winter to find food. Hamster is so crazy that he sees nothing but fruits. The lands he visits are full of traps and obstacles he won’t even notice. You have to help him and neutralize those traps. There’s no time to loose, the hamster has already set off!

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