Block Breaker Deluxe 2

Forget everything you know about brick-breaking games! By downloading Block Breaker Deluxe 2 onto your iPhone, you’ll have fun rediscovering this great cult game, totally updated for the first time. Besides offering visuals and animations never before seen in a puzzle game – ultra-realistic ball and pad controls, 3D bricks creating stunning and dynamic shapes, touch-screen and accelerometer features, etc. – Block Breaker Deluxe 2 is also the only game of its kind with a spirit: its elaborate, colorful settings – sometimes mellow, sometimes trendy – will provide a guaranteed change of scenery during supercharged rounds of brick-breaking!

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Hoe werkt Equilibrio? Kantel je iPhone naar rechts of links, naar boven of beneden, om de bal over de 60 levels te verplaatsen. Pas op de snelheid! En raak de dodelijke obstakels zoals de scherpe punten of de zuurbaden niet aan.

Wat krijg je? Een gevarieerd game dankzij 5 balsoorten met verschillende eigenschappen en 23 beloningen te winnen.

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reMovem is, simply put, an amazing game. It’s simple, but its simplicity is what makes it so addicting. Sometimes, that’s all you want.

See how high you can score by removing colored balls from the screen. Tapping on clusters of the same colored ball removes them. The more balls in the cluster, the more points you receive. Sound easy? Give it a try! Once you start playing you’ll be convinced that you can do better next time!

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Mahjong Artifacts 2

Mahjongg Artifacts: Chapter 2 is one of the most popular mahjong games on PC now available on iPhone. Pair up tiles to dismantle hundreds of layouts. Gather pearls for purchasing special powers, utilize a selection of ground-breaking powerups, earn trophies, and enjoy the game’s beautiful graphics and rich audio. There’s more than enough tile-matching action in Mahjongg Artifacts 2 to keep you tapping the screen for months!
– Epic Quest Mode
– Additional 99 levels in Classic Mode
– Thrilling Endless Mode
– Five Tile Sets and Numerous Backgrounds
– Ground-breaking Powerups
– Shuffle, Hint, Undo, Show Locked Tiles
– Manual zoom in/out and auto-zoom mode
– Gorgeous graphics and rich audio

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Toobz is a challenging, fast-paced game that brings together quick reactions, planning, and a little bit of luck.

Your goal is to create a system of “Toobz” (pipes) beginning at a randomly-placed starting point. Your Toobz network must allow water to flow without any spilling. As you advance through levels, you’ll have less and less time to place the pieces before the water starts automatically. You can start the water at any time, allowing you to quickly advance to the next level and earn extra points. If you spill any water, though, your game is over and you’ll have to try again.

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THE CLASSIC, BESTSELLING PLATFORMER is now available for your iPhone® und iPod touch®. It’s Pandemonium! The popular fantasy game starring the hilarious combo of Nikki and Fargus!

Heroine, Nikki, a wizard-in-training, didn’t mean to cast a spell unleashing the horrible monster, Yungo to swallow the entire village! Now she and her wise-cracking jester friend, Fargus, and his puppet, Sid, are off to make a “boon” (a wish) at the Wishing Engine to save everyone.

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Zoek je niet langer wezenloos naar een pinautomaat, Pin! helpt je de dichtsbijzijnde vinden!

Pin! toont je zo snel mogelijk alle pinautomaten bij jou in de buurt, en biedt je de mogelijkheid om direct een route ernaar toe te plannen met behulp van Google Maps. Pin! maakt gebruik van de online ING pinautomaat database, welke met regelmaat geupdate wordt. Zo zal het niet gauw voorkomen dat Pin! een pinautomaat nog niet kent, of een pinautomaat weergeeft die niet meer bestaat.

Pin! biedt een eenvoudige, overzichtelijk user interface zodat je in één oog opslag alle informatie tot je beschikking hebt!

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Catcha Mouse 2

From the creators of Catcha Mouse, comes the second full featured version.
You’ll have to use all your wit to corner the mouse before he escapes through the holes!
More complete and funny, Catcha Mouse 2 allows you to play against your friends using multiplayer mode*.
Put traps or be the mouse itself!
If you liked Catcha Mouse, you’ll love Catcha Mouse 2!

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